François-Henri Pinault: Augustin Is Part Of Our Family

Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista may have surprised the world when she revealed that the father of her 4-year-old son Augustin was Gucci guru and Salma Hayek’s hubby François-Henri Pinault, but what’s even more shocking is her current attack on his credibility as a father.

“At every possible opportunity he [Augustin] has participated in my family life whether in France or the United States,” the 49-year-old billionaire fires back to the French edition of Elle magazine. “He is totally integrated within my family.”

Not only is Linda claiming that her ex is neglecting the emotional needs of their young son and favoring his 3-year-old daughter Valentina, she has also launched a heated legal battle for $46,000 a month in child support payments.

According to Evangelista’s lawyer, the payments would cover full-time nannies at $80,000-a-year and armed bodyguards, which costs upwards of $175,000-a-year!

Evangelista claims that Pinault hasn’t paid anything to support her son and strongly feels Augustina deserves the same luxuries as little Valentina.

The couple have yet to settle on a sum and continue to battle back and forth.

Evangelista – who had initially refused to reveal the identity of her son’s father – conceived Augustin in early 2006 with Pinault during his breakup with then-girlfriend Hayek.

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  • Anonymous

    She’s Canadian, not French.

    • Jenny Schafer

      Thanks – just updated.

  • Anonymous

    ugh, rich people. always looking for more, no matter what it may be

  • Ariana

    I know he’s wealthy but she’s still going way overboard in her demands. Is it true she wants 24 hour nannies so she doesn’t have to spend time with the boy? If that’s the case, give his father full custody.

  • Anonymous

    Linda is French and his son by her is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I meant to write that Linda is Italian though she was born in Canada.

    • Anonymous

      If she was born in Canada, then she’s Canadian. Period. If you were born in America. Your’re American. If you’re born in England. You are English. If you were born in Germany. You’re German. If you were born in Nigeria. Your are Nigerian. If you were born in Russia. You’re Russian. If you were born in ………… American, English, Canadian, German, etc. are nationalities! You can only be ONE at a time. Unless you were born directly down the center line of two neighboring country’s borders. If your parents were born in Italy, and then moved to America, they’re Italian, and you’re American. Period. You’re NOT Italian. Your parents are. Now when you aquire another nations citizenship status, you can then call yourself German-Canadian, etc. Get my point? It appears as though only Americans and Canadians consider themselves to be so many combined nationalities. Other nations citizens don’t seem to think in those terms. What do you guys think?

      • Victoria

        You are Italian American, African American, Russian American, German American, and whatever else. We’re not just talking about nationalities meaning where you reside but also what your race is (and yes before anyone says it, yes I know that technically there is only one race).

      • Gaby

        I think you are wasting your time over thinking something something of such little importance. If people want to describe themselves as Italian-American, Mexican-American, French-Canadian or whatever then that’s there prerogative, and I don’t see what the problem is there. The real problem here is that women like Linda Evangelista are a disgrace to our gender. Honestly, Francois should take him from her since she needs full time NANNIES, not nanny, to take care of her child, apparently because she is incapable of doing so herself? I come from a rich family and I had a nanny while my parents where at work but once one of them got home, she was gone, and on weekends they would take care of my siblings and I. Women should stop having kids just to give them to other to take care them. If you have more important things to do than give your child a few hours of your day, don’t have any children, it’s a simple as that. And why in exactly does a four year old need a bodyguard? Is he the next king of England? Is his life in mortal peril everyday?

  • Maxie

    Why wait 4 years. When all she is famous for is those horror movie sequels.
    She sounds like she thinks she is. Some one really famous who needs guards and
    Nannys. When was the last time she worked on a fun movie. She doesn’t
    want to work. Why not just stay home with her son take him to school. really
    Body guards she is not Katie Holmes. What about Augustin that is who Francois
    Should be paying for his education .

    • Anonymous9

      The child’s father is a billionaire. Especially in europe, that makes the child a huge target for kidnappers. It doesn’t matter who or what the kid’s mother is; what matters is the threat to the child. If who you are puts your child at risk, then you get to take the responsibility for his safety; it’s called being a parent.

  • Anonymous

    Linda is Italian Canadian.

  • Audrey

    She is right. He should have the same financial resources and his siblings. All children should be treated equal. It is never the child’s fault who his parents may be.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not French. She is Canadian. She is very proud to be Canadian actually. Anyway, requesting $46,000 is insanity. That child does not need armed body guards. She is angry and while I do agree that her son should have the same “luxuries” as Valentina, she is not exactly a struggling single mother! She has millions of her own dollars! He should obviously pay the appropriate amount of child support but to make ludicrous demands is not exactly in her favor. Isn’t school costs the responsibility of BOTH parents, not just the parent paying support?

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