Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick’s Big Apple Babes

Two-year-old twins Loretta and Tabitha looked cute as a button as they joined their parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on a recent visit to New York’s Columbia University (September 9). Looks like big brother James skipped this family outing.

The fit mom-of-three recently shared her workout routine – and it doesn’t involve gruelling sessions at the gym!

My daughters insist on being carried at the exact same time,” SJP said, explaining her very toned arms. “They’re like 25 pounds now each.”

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Photo credit: Flynet, Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Pretty babies in the world.

  2. Anonymous

    Are they wearing pijamas?

  3. debsa

    Is that a mini-van they are exiting…

  4. Anonymous

    Wasn’t “Loretta” called “Marion” originally? Why the name change?

  5. Anonymous

    She’s always gone by Loretta, but her full name is Marion Loretta Elwell.

  6. Anonymous

    She looks like their grandmother. She did not age well at all, and seems too old to have such small kids. Are they in their pajamas?

  7. Real Mom of 2 sons

    First of all they do not look like “twins” at all. Calling that chain smoker a “fit mom” is giving her too much credit because she did not carry the babies in her own body….she used a surrogate. I’m really surprised that SJP would INCONVENIENCE herself at all with children!

  8. Anonymous

    Saying that a woman who uses a surrogate is not a mother is just flat out mean. DO you have any idea how hard it is for woman to not be able to carry their own children, and to have to turn to another woman? You seem pretty cold hearted.

  9. Anonymous

    oh! i love the all. little Tabitha is such an outgoing little cutie i tellu

  10. Anonymous

    How sweet! The baby with the darker hair looks very much like her father, cute! @realmomoftwosons, who are you to judge her? Hope you don’t teach your sons to be this way.

  11. Anonymous

    Where is there real mom and why is that horse holding those little girls? Did the horse need a real woman to have her babies?

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