First Glimpse Of Jennifer Connelly’s Daughter Agnes!

Meet Agnes Lark!

Jennifer Connelly and husband Paul Bettany were spotted dropping the boys – Kai, 13, and Stellan, 7 – off at school today (September 13) in New York City. They happy group also brought along the family pooch and their latest addition! This marks our first glimpse of baby Agnes, who was born on May 31.

Jennifer and Paul, both 40, welcomed their daughter in the Big Apple via planned home water birth in a birthing pool.

“Everyone is healthy and doing well,” Jennifer’s rep said after Agnes’ arrival. “The family is very excited.”

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  • Adriel

    Agnes is a cutie!

  • SMH

    After two boys you finally get a baby girl and you dress her in all blue! 😉 cute.

  • SMH

    well unless it’s a shade of purple then I retract my comment lol

    • Anonymous

      You should retract your comment anyway. There’s nothing wrong with dressing a baby girl in blue.

  • Anonymous

    Agnes looks like a boy.

  • Anonymous

    She is so cute! I think I see a little bit of her mommy in her face!

  • gbaby

    shes probably using her older sons’ baby clothes

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, a baby girl was dressed in blue for at least one day in her life! Now she’ll turn into a boy! That must have been what her parents really wanted all along!

  • Sophia

    Little Agnes Lark is so adorable and I just love her name! And hey, what’s wrong with dressing girls in blue? She is perfect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    She is really perfect!
    may wear any color you want
    finally their parents.
    But for your first look could see her pink dress more feminine.
    Equally divine!

  • SMH

    no there is nothing wrong with her being in blue I am just surprised that when someone finally gets a girl that blue is their choice of clothing esp for a bald child who most would presume looks like a boy.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe they’re smart enough to realize that the overly dramatic blue-pink divide is a social construct and want to raise their daughter to not be so close-minded.

  • Nina Mike

    If you are a girl, you dont need clothes to look like a girl, because you are agirl. Thats a very strong feminin looking girl: classic doll face. In this case clothes dont matter much. She does not need “clothes make up” to look like a girl, cause she IS a girl. If she was a boy, she would need “make up” to look like a girl, cause she is not and will never be a girl. But important is how somebody feels under the mask his hole life through and not what somebody thinks about it. Its a baby: love it or leave it alone. Have a nice day.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why people so pay attention to the color of clothes to distinguish the gender of the baby. She is still a baby.

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