Mario Lopez & Family Celebrate Gia’s 1st Birthday

Happy first birthday, Gia Francesca!

Extra host Mario Lopez and his girlfriend Courtney Mazza threw a birthday bash for their daughter this weekend – complete with a table full of pink-themed treats – at Trattoria Amici restaurant at the Americana resort in Glendale, California (September 11).

“Happy birthday to my Gia Francesca!!!” Tweeted the very proud papa. “Congratulations on your 1st year in life… You’re the best present I’ve ever received. Love u so much.”

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  1. Cmc

    I always get the feeling Courtney is faking her smiles. She seems very superficial. Sweet little girl, though.

  2. Anonymous2

    I wouldn’t be that happy if I were her either. Mario seems like a grade A dbag.

  3. Anonymous

    Let me say I have met Courtney in person and she is only in it for the publicity it gives her. She wants her 2 minutes of fame in Hollywood and will do EVERYTHING to obtain it. She is a very conceited gal. Mario, be smart, don’t get married.

  4. Anonymous

    Check out some really bad pics of Mazza on at the Almas. Yuk! Her dress ended up breaking and they had to go home early. LOL

  5. Mich

    What is wrong with all you HATERS?
    Happy Birthday Gia! You look adorable!

  6. Anonymous

    Mario, do all the women in America a favor: Don’t ever get married. Stay single. Big mistake if you marry Mazza.

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