Melanie Brown Steps Out With Baby Madison

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown stepped out with her newborn daughter, who is reportedly named Madison, for the first time in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (September 13). The protective mama held her 12-day-old baby girl close under a blanket.

The day before, Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte were seen at an office building obtaining passport paperwork for their daughter to travel back to Europe.

Mel has two other daughters – 4-year-old Angel with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy and 12-year-old Phoenix from her first marriage – while Stephen also has 6-year-old daughter Giselle from a previous relationship.

Reports state that Phoenix named her newborn sister. “Mel and Madison are home from the hospital [and] the baby is very loved, and her sisters are absolutely doting on her. Madison is a very happy baby,” a source said.

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  1. Lissa Chele

    I absolutely love Mel B and I’m honestly so relieved to see she still has her “bump”. After I gave birth to my son I was left wondering what was wrong with me when my body didn’t bounce back with the first few weeks. I worked out all through my pregnancy expecting to just be right back to normal after my son was born but it idn’t work out that way. I hate when I see celebrities come out 2 weeks after giving birth looking like they were never even pregnant. Glad to see Mel B is a real woman!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Mel is actually heading here to Australia for her role on X-Factor Australia – not Europe. The live shows start on Monday Sep. 19, so I’m sure all the paperwork for the baby was for that.

  3. Anonymous

    Just because you still had baby weight on you 2 weeks after giving birth does not make you a “real woman” everyone body is different some people bounce right back others don’t so do hate on the people that do because your jealousy.

  4. Niki

    Anonymous relax! geez, I get what she was saying! How refreshing for a famous women to step out and actually look like she had a baby a couple weeks before. The media is all about trying to show mom looking like she never even had a baby. She’s not jealous, just glad to see someone who represents what she went thru after child birth. It took my body a lot of time to go back to normal as well.

    • Anonymous

      It will take Mel about 3 months to get all her weight off burt she can do it and will do it. If you remember with Angel she was doing DWTS so that was an outlet to loose weight.Now she will only be working 1 night and I am sure she has it in her schedule to do alot of work outs.Its hard to diet when you breast feed because the baby needs the nutrients Mel has go my support all the way but would anyone confirm that babys name!

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