Report: Jay-Z Has A Secret Son

The world may have been shocked to learn that Beyoncé Knowles and her rapper hubby Jay-Z are expecting their first child together, but what may be more shocking is the allegation that the Big Pimpin’ singer fathered a son with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott nine years ago.

Star magazine reports that Jerald Andrews – the father of Scott’s ex Malik Sayeed – claims that his son thought he was the child’s father until DNA tests proved otherwise.

“Everyone knew she was sleeping around and sleeping with Jay,” the source says. “There was a good chance it was his.”

Sayeed – who was named as the father on the boy’s birth certificate – learned that the test results determined that Jay-Z is the father and reportedly kicked Scott out of this house.

“It’s been determined that [the child is] Jay-Z’s,” Andrews says.

According to Andrews, Scott and her son are currently living back in Trinidad where they maintain a comfortable lifestyle on the rapper’s dime.

Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. Shenelle took that money and bought herself a really nice house in Trinidad that the whole family lives in now. My understanding is that he’s paying her child support.”

Although the Empire State Of Mind musician may have wanted the secret to stay just that, Andrews claims that the couple’s relationship is quite amicable.

“She says he’s a good father and he has a lot of interest in [the boy],” reveals Andrews. “It was a big old mess at one time, but I think once they resolved the issue of fatherhood, of paternity, I think things started to level off.”

According to sources, Star magazine reports that although Beyoncé was not happy to learn of her husband’s secret son, she has stood by him.

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  • notafan


  • Anonymous

    I know right old new been out for years.

  • CookiesMilk&Makeup

    The child looks justl like Jay Z. Papa Knowles wasn’t having that out in the media so that was hushed to the mainstream. If Beyonce is as mature ad she comes across she would have had Jay Z’s son along with her nephew while out and about, instead of prancing her nephew around. The absence of his son in their lives speaks more than words. Hope this mini Trini Jay Z doesn’t grow up feeling he wasn’t good enough for his dad to brag and have pride in his FIRST BORN NAME SAKE. Kanye West hangs out more with these two than the little boy, guess they don’t think he is worthy of being a lil prince amongst their “Thornes”. Sorry I had to go H.A.M for a minute but the “secret” just sad.

  • On Snappeas!

    Wow wonder if the Illuminatti will have this post taken down. ((snickering)). You are a brave website CBB, I don’t think these two wanted life brought to this topic again.

  • Rebecca

    Star is far from credible. I won’t believe this until I hear it from a more reliable source…

  • Iris

    I could be me, but I always thought that Jay Z had a son about the age of the boy described in the article and that it wasn’t a secret. I could be mixing him up with someone else, but like the other comments above I’m not at all surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about a secret….it has been known for YEARS! Just like the fact the Jay-z is cheating with some model from europe. Doesn’t seem to bother Beyoncé though……or Papa Knowles!

  • O’Connor

    I heard this before years ago. I saw pictures too and that little boo is a spitting image of his father. This is old news but I am glad for more people to hear about it.

  • KellyMichelle

    Ha ahahahah ah ahahahah ahah. Did they expect this not to resurface once she told the world she is pregnant. It’s out now so maybe they will start to include the little boy.



  • Shanice

    UPDATE! Dude retracted his statement. Said he made up his story using stuff that was online from years ago. Jay-Z has said the boy is not his, the boy’s mother said Jay-Z wasn’t the father. She said his father is music video director Benny Boom. Look him up, the boy looks just like Benny Boom. So, I knew the story was false. And STOP with the illuminati stuff. SMH

    • Ohsnappeas!

      Of course he is going to retract his statement. And Shanice you don’t know me but I am a grown ass adult and I will not stop with the Illuminati stuff so just continue to shake your head till it falls off. I don’t think those of us who knew about the story are a bit surprised that the story was retracted. The Benny Boom story is not true. I have family in Trini and she isn’t being supported by Benny Boom money. Those boy’s features especially those characteristic lips are those of his birth father. The crime here is keeping the child a secret. All parents should take pride in their babies when they are little like that because you don’t want them growing up feeling less than.

      • Shanice

        Characteristics?! Benny Boom has a nose and lips as well! And if you’re basing paternity off of looks, then I guess my 7yo niece is my child, or my 12yo nephew belongs to Michael Jackson, or my 4yo niece either belongs to Rocko the rapper who fathered singer Monica’s boys or her mother is Vanessa Williams. And just because you have family in Trini doesn’t mean you nor they know what’s going on. Benny Boom is a HUGE director in the hip hop world. The man has money. SMH. That’s right, I’m STILL shaking it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s secret for you.

  • Anonymous

    How stupid to think that a man that has been abandoned by his father can’t do the same to their children. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE “IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY”. Just like it’s stupid to say that JZ is ALMOST 40yrs old, he is close to 43yrs old. What ages are these people? 10? I do believe he has a son and the reason why he can’t come out publicly and say that is because his image and career would be at risk, it will not be in his best interest to introduce this innocent child to the world, it will only take away from his “Perfect Setup with B”. He has the perfect set up, a beautiful, young and talented wife, the American Dream, how he made it from the projects of Brooklyn selling drugs to becoming a rap mogul. A secret child will not put money in his pocket. B was “Livid” but she had to know he had a life before her. I like both of them together but what I don’t like is keeping a child a secret because it will not put money in your pocket is a sad thing. Question to you all young fans “Would you still like and buy JZ’s music and products if you knew he had a secret child? I really don’t think it should matter, he is already established in his career and has earned his place there. I am not bashing JZ, I am just simply saying own up to your responsibilities by not just sending a check each month but to get to know the innocent child that “Looks Just Like You”. JZ I’m in your corner and so will all of your fans but set the right example when it comes to family. It’s never too late to set things right with a child that didn’t ask to be here. I would really love to see a picture of the two of them together smiling and embracing their journey.

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