Salma Hayek & François-Henri Pinault’s Playful Girl

Salma Hayek and husband François-Henri Pinault enjoyed a fun day in Venice, Italy with their 4-year-old daughter Valentina on Tuesday (September 13). The sweet girl excitedly played in the city’s St Mark’s Square and happily fed the pigeons while her proud parents took pictures from their smartphones.

The family-of-three seemed to be relaxed and happy amidst the recent child support case from Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista who revealed that François-Henri is the father of her 4-year-old son Augustin. Linda is seeking “the largest support order in the history of the Family Court.”

“At every possible opportunity he [Augustin] has participated in my family life whether in France or the United States,” the 49-year-old billionaire recently said. “He is totally integrated within my family.”

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  • maura

    The child support case has nada to do with this little girl and her famous mom — feeding the pigeons in Venice. Why bring it up in each and every post?

    • LaKesha

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Anonymous 2

      Agreed. It was a bit of a stretch to even mention it.

  • Ariana

    I agree. You see that all the time, a nice family outing and yet some totally irrelevant to the scene item thrown in for what….effect?

  • Anonymous

    So both kids are 4 years old. He must have been real “busy” 5 years ago. He’s a dog.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like an approved photo shoot.

  • Maxie

    What case he has finished the case and is now paying child support . So where
    Is Linda? Does she care? No only the Media! We do not see her going to court
    Do we nor him ! There is nothing to worry about! Give it a rest! Linda does
    Not care any more nor is she bringing it up in court .so let Selma and her family

  • Anonymous

    The judge hasn’t made a ruling in the child support case yet. Her name isn’t Selma because it is Salma. Please get your information correct and learn how to spell.

  • Anonymous

    Valentina isn’t four years old yet. Her birthday is on September 21.

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