Farrah Abraham Attends School In Florida, Leaves Sophia In Iowa

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham broke down in front of the cameras, sobbing, “I would never leave [my daughter],” as she wrestled with the decision to leave her 3-year-old daughter Sophia behind while she attends school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

However, the tides have changed for the Teen Mom starlet who has recently revealed that she has in fact decided to leave her daughter Sophia with her grandmother Debra Danielson in Iowa while she acquires her education.

“I want her [Sophia’s grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities,” the reality TV star tells Life & Style magazine. “[Such as] my education and earning an income for both of us.”

Although Farrah realizes her decision to leave sweet Sophia in her mother’s care was in both of their best interests, she often struggles over whether or not it was the right one.

“I’m tugged in many different ways daily,” she admits. “But I don’t want to limit myself or Sophia.”

Continue reading more about Farrah’s difficult decision to leave Sophia behind in the recent issue of Life & Style magazine on stands now.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t get it…there are no schools in Iowa where she can attain her education.?

  2. Kathy

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Are we missing something here?

  3. Rebecca

    She’s not gonna “give up” her baby, she just about to start learning at a University… This Life & Style label presents the situation like she’s leaving her daughter forever. It’s her decision and she does it for their own good.

  4. cemetree

    i agree with anonymous! there are PLENTY of schools in iowa. i think farrah just wanted to get away from her parents and ifs he didnt want to take care of her child then she shouldnt have spread her legs!! i live in iowa and iowa has many good schools! she also could have gone to any in a nearby state too. she is being selfish!!! i mean, she couldnt even decide where she wanted to go… first california, then arizona, now she has chosen florida *sigh***

  5. Anonymous

    HAHA I knew this would happen. I could tell from the way she was acting on the show.

  6. Anonymous

    i’ve lost all respect for her being a mother means sacrificing! no doubt there are schools in Iowa, but i’m sure the parties are way better in Florida! she truly is selfish, and her number one priority is herself! i use to think her parents were crazy and selfish asking her to leave Sofia behind, but i guess the knew the depth of her maternal instincts (or lack there of). good luck Sofia you’re going to need it considering how well your mother turned out!

  7. Valerie

    That´s a lie, Farrah did take Sophia with her. She confirms it in her verified twitter account @F1abraham

  8. Anonymous

    How many parents out there go to school and have children at the same time???? This is disgraceful!

  9. Sophia

    Surely there’s a good school closer to Iowa than Florida?? I dunno, this just seems like Farrah’s making the situation harder than it needs to be. I would think a mother would stop at nothing to make sure she stayed close to her child.

  10. Iris

    Do these two look photoshopped to you? Im sorry but I find it a strange looking cover, especially little Sophia looks unnatural…just saying.
    It’s Farrah’s chose to go to Florida to study, but I’m not surprised about this.

  11. Gretchen

    She is attending a chef’s school in Florida, supposedly a pretty “prestigious” one. The other schools of this level for what she wants to get in to were in California and Arizona.

    • Ursula

      The most “prestigious” culinary schools are in New York and France. Florida is not known for its cuisine. Farrah said it best on the show, “I can’t take another Iowa winter.”

      I actually think that its fine she left Sophia with her mother. Its better for SOPHIA. Farrah needs to grow up, and perhaps getting away from Iowa will make her mature. We all know that having a baby didn’t make her grow up, maybe being away from home and having to really take care of everything herself will.

      • Anonymous

        There aren’t many colleges that offer an actual degree in science of culinary arts. When I started school 10 years ago there were actually only 2 schools, The Culinary Institute of America in NY and Johnson & Wales University in RH. J & W has other campuses with 1 in N. Miami. I went there and also lived in the Fort Lauderdale area.

      • Anonymous

        One of the most prestigious culinary arts schools in the nation is Johnson & Wales University and they have a N. Miami campus

  12. SMH

    I can understand wanting to futher you education which may mean going to another state but I think she did this on purpose to tear her parents apart. Her mom may be a nut job but she loves Sofia and how badly would it hurt Sofia to not see her grandparetns. Although I will say when Debra says, “My baby” it bothers me bc I think she does think Sofia is her’s. Farrah just annoys me anyways she’s a spoiled brat and all she ever does is cop an attitude to everyone she encounters. Girl needs to do some real soul searching to find some kind of happiness.

  13. Ondine

    Got rid of the puppy and tossed the grandmother a bait-and-switch bone by giving her the baby girl so she can make her escape to Florida. No we certainly can’t limit this teen mother’s future, she really needed those breast implants. So what if she has a daughter she leaves behind? So what if she leaves the daughter w/ a grandmother she obviously despises. That poor little girl will be even more messed up than the mother soon enough. And the mother will be as messed up as the grandmother. Oh I can hardly wait to see that train wreck reality TV show. On second thought, I’m sure I won’t be watching it at all. I’ve seen too much already.

  14. Dixie

    The grandmother couldn’t get rid of the daughter fast enough as long as the granddaughter was staying behind. What a victory for the grandmother! And the daughter escapes to Florida to pursue her “education.” Win/win for everyone except the poor little girl.

    • Carrie

      It’s true that Farrah’s mother does not mind Farrah leaving as long as the baby stays. I don’t see it as win for Farrah because in the beginning Farrah had no intention of leaving Sophia behind. Then her parents starting putting it in her head that she can’t take care of her Sophia w/ out them. The grandmother is a manipulator. It has nothing to do w/ Farrah being capable of taking care of Sophia, Farrah loves her daughter and is perfectly capable of taking care of her. Grandma needs to back off and realized that Sophia is Farrah’s child not hers. When Farrah completes college Grandma still will not want Farrah to have Sophia if it means taking Sophia to live out of state. I’m sure she would try to pull the same crap again.

  15. Lauren

    I believe shes going to chef school, not a 4-year degree school. I would assume Florida has better opportunities for culinary education that Iowa. Sometimes you do what you need to do to get by, even if that is letting grandma take care of the baby for 6 months or 1 year. My husband didn’t know his own mother for the first 4 years of his life as she focused on getting an education which made life much easier for the both of them.

  16. Da

    I know several people who come from very humble backgrounds (hood) and went to school, worked AND took care care of their children, even now I know some in my own family. I had no kids, no extra responsibility but always made my classes 2 days a week (tu/thurs for example), before you get deep in your studies you can work it for 1 day, as I did during sophomore year. Some schools have housing exemptions for people coming in with dependents and some schools have daycare in conjunction w/ their childcare programs that you can use at a reduced price. None of the people I know even did that, lived and worked at home and aunties/friends normally took care the kid during those hours.

    Seems selfish, you can still get what you want (an education, just not exactly the way you expected it) without leaving your child behind.

  17. Anonymous

    isnt her child her biggest responsibility???

  18. Anonymous

    Leave her alone, its her life. Who cares…

  19. Anonymous

    I think it is absolutely appalling that she has left her beautiful child behind. Farrah’s ultimate responsibility is her child, and although it may take her a little longer to achieve her goals, and she might have to possibly alter them in some way, that is the sacrifice she has to make for not being responsible and getting pregnant. To leave poor, innocent Sophia in the care of an obviously unstable, somewhat psychotic grandmother (look at how she talks and acts, and how Farrah and her mother totally disrespect Michael) is selfish…Farrah just wants to be able to audition (lots of casting in Miami), which she supposedly just got cast as an extra on the new t.v. show “Charlie’s Angels”. Farrah is annoying and doesn’t deserve the privledge of being a mother.

  20. Jen

    We all know Farrah is a selfish brat. We’ve seen that over and over with every single episode… and yes I blame the parents for not getting control of that early on in Farrah’s life. Though it is strange that her sister didn’t turn out that way…

    Anyway, I can understand why Farrah wants to continue her education and even get a change of scenery. However! She has a child and that should be her 1st priority. Not her own desires. She leans on her parents a lot for the care of Sophia and I don’t think it’s in the best interest to uproot Sophia to a place she knows no one nor has any help from ppl that are familiar to Sophia. But then again.. look at what type of parent Farrah has been so far. Since Sophia was born Farrah has been more concerned with her own life (going out all the time and leaving Sophia at home with her parents, taking modeling jobs out of state and leaving Sophia at home with her parents, etc.) What will happen if she gets another modeling job out of town? Who will she leave Sophia with down in Florida?

    Not to mention that Sophia is 3 yrs old, still in diapers and uses a pacifier all the time! She needs to get on the ball with her parenting skills. Farrah acts more like a babysitter to her child than a real mom.

    I don’t think her mom is psycho at all. I think Farrah snaps and goes off on her mom all the time, and most times it’s over something stupid. Her mom talks to her calmly and in a low voice, however, Farrah just gets all B*tchy and starts yelling or saying very rude things. Had she been MY daughter, I would have slapped her face a LOOONNGGGG time ago! And the way she treats her dad? What’s up with that? Plain and simple, Farrarh is a rude, selfish brat and maybe Sophia would be better off with the grandparents. I also think they should send Amber over there and let her take her frustrations out on Farrah. 😀

  21. Kim

    Farrah always hides behind that counselor who acts like Farrah is innocent in all of her issues. She instantly attacks Farrah’s mother, when I feel like some tough love needs to be administered on Farrah, not her mother. I think the only thing we can fault Farrah’s parents on is being too nice and accomodating. I agree – It is probably best Farrah goes to Florida without Sophia. Sophia and her grandparents can get some peace.

  22. Anonymous

    she should be ashamed of herself. there are plenty of schools in iowa so the fact that she is claming she left to further her education is so stupid its almost funny. she obviously just wanted to party in some nice weather and didnt want her daughter around to ruin her good time. shes missing precious years of her daughters life that she will never get back

  23. Carrie

    Farrah’s mother is just being selfish!!! In the beginning Farrah had every in intention of taking Sophia with her. Her family gang up on her and made her believe she couldn’t do it w/ out them, which is a load of crap. Yes, it would be harder but Farrah loves her daughter and is perfectly capable of taking care of her. Grandma needs to realize that Sophia is Farrah’s child. It has nothing to do w/ Farrah’s ability to care for her child and everything to w/ Grandma not wanting the baby to go w/ Farrah.

  24. Anonymous

    Farrah really messed up! One of the things you MUST NEVER do is, to leave your child with someone for an extended period of time! Her parents will have a really easy time taking Sofia away from her, and claiming Farrah is not a good mom! If she really did leave her behind, with a mom like Debrah who is very capable of pulling a trick like this, Farrah better get her back asap! They are pushing Farrah out of her life because they think she is unfit! Someone in my family tried to do the same thing to me as a teen mom! I almost lost my son over it…they made me feel like I could not take care of him on my own, and when I got rid of those people I did just fine! They are taking the proper steps to take Sofia away!

  25. adames1

    I don’t think you ladies are looking at the big picture here. She did it in the best interest of Sophia. Sophia would suffer so much emotionally and psychologically if she were ripped away from her environment which consists of her home, her grandparents who play a very big part in her life. Who would take care of Sophia while she is at school? Daycare? I personally do not trust strangers with my children. All Sophia would have in Florida is Farrah.not to mention an unknown environment. It takes alot of strength to leave her with her mother. Don’t pick her apart. She is an amazing mother who has stepped up and held down jobs, schoolwork, her own apartment, and done everything by herself. She is making a huge sacrifice which wilk bear many fruits in the future. Think about the big picture

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