Kourtney Kardashian Rushes Mason To Plastic Surgeon After Fall

Perfectly reasonable or a little overboard?

Every mom has experienced that moment of complete panic when dealing with a sick or hurt child, but did Kourtney Kardashian overreact by taking her son Mason, 1 1/2, to see a plastic surgeon after he fell and hit his face earlier this week?

Don’t worry; according to The Daily Mail, little Mason is doing just fine, and was seen sporting a small bandage on his nose that day.

Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick were also seen on a dinner date later that night, filming for Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

So was Mason’s trip to the plastic surgeon the sign of a super concerned mother, or just some good old fashioned, manufactured reality show drama?

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  • Anonymous

    I fell and cut my head above my eyebrow when I was a bit under 2. My parents took me to a plastic surgeon to do the stitches and I’m so happy they did. I could have had a huge scar that affected my appearance/life. Now, 27 years later you can’t even see the scar – I have to point it out and people are still like, what? So no, she wasn’t being unreasonable, considering it’s the child’s face.

    • bulltesties

      You’re so full of crap your eyes are brown, good god get a life!

      • Anonymous

        What is wrong with you? Why would that person lie about that? It’s totally normal – plastic surgeons work all the time on kids who are injured so that they don’t have bad scars.

        • Anonymous

          Nothings wrong with me. I was only pointing out that these people are in this business for the money and publicity. I am sure he barely got hurt. Kids fall down all the time. The first place I would go with my kid if the cut was that bad is the hospital not the plastic surgeon….They come next.

          • Anonymous

            Well you’re obviously not very smart. Calling someone “full of crap” means you are accusing them of lying. So you were accusing the person of lying about what happened to them as a child. Maybe learn the meaning of the words you use before being so obnoxious and rude.

          • Colleen

            A few years ago, my son literally had his mouth ripped apart by a dog to where his lips weren’t even attached in two different places and the emergency room called in a plastic surgeon to stitch him up. You can’t even tell he has scars where the plastic surgeon worked on him, unless you point it out and still have to look very close. Plastic surgeons definitely know how to suture for minimal scarring and the Kardashians have the money to make that their first option. I would too if money was no object.

          • Anonymous

            your sure he barely got hurt? do you live across the hall or something? you dont know them, you dont know what happened… so how sure are you? sure enough that you make yourself look like an ignorant a-hole all because you just want to be a dick. you really have nothing else to do then do rant and rave on some website about a mother taking care of her son in whatever way she sees fit. what was the saying again… oh yeah… GOOD GOD, GET A LIFE!

  • Anonymous

    good old fashioned, manufactured reality show drama for sure. Although I can see her being very superficial and thinking OMG my son won’t be perfect anymore. Who knows I don’t live that life and am glad I don’t. I can’t imagine having people follow me around spreading rumors and putting pictures of my children on the web for the world to see, all for what……A piece of paper with dead president on it. It’s one thing to choose to be in the papers, in magazines, on tv, or whatever, but these kids don’t choose that lifestyle, their parents do. It’s unfair.

  • Anonymous

    My son had stitches 3 different times on his face between ages three and eight. The first time an emergency room nurse did the stitching and it scarred horribly. The next two times we took him to a plastic surgeon and those healed so much nicer. One of them you cannot even see now.

    I recommend it. Elbow or knee is one thing.. but it doesn’t hurt to take extra precaution if it involves your face.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s overboard.

  • thegirl

    She may have been concerned that he damaged his nasal structure (i.e. created a deviated septum) or that he broke his nose. I would do the same thing, just to check and make sure he was fine.

    • Anonymous

      I’d take my child to a hospital if I thought she’d broken her nose, but that’s just me…

      • Victoria

        Honey plastic surgeons have their own clinics. At the end of the day though plastic surgery has alot of other benefits besides ballooning up boobs and pinning(sp?) back ears for total superficial reasons.

  • mommy of 3

    At first it sounds outrageous, but honestly, I’ve had friends who were referred to a plastic surgeon for the stiches because they do a better job in some cases then the ER nurses or doctors.

  • Anna

    I think it’s smart. I banged my head into a mirror when I was young and we went to a regular doctor and there is a huge scar on my forehead that will never go away. It would have probably looked nicer had my parents taking me to a plastic surgeon.

  • Heart

    Mason lookalike dad

  • lilian

    When I was 7 I fell down the steps and a sharp edge hit the bridge of my nose and a plastic surgeon operated me. The scar is barely visible and thank god at that! I don’t think it was unreasonable, scars from younger days can be traumatising especially when kids taunt and make fun at school

  • Ns

    Yeah, it’s actually completely normal for a plastic surgeon to see cuts and gashes, that’s what they’re there for. It’s not all boob jobs and tummy tucks.

  • Anonymous

    It is actually normal to have cuts on children’s faces stitched by a plastic surgeon. My little sister had it done when she busted her eye open when she was little.

  • Jesse

    If you are a parent and your child gets a cut bad enough for stitches on their face or on their hands you should ask the emergency room to call the plastic-surgeon- -on-call to do the work. Call your insurance company to make sure they’ll cover it. It’s worth it.

  • Tif

    I think it’s a great call.

    …and let’s face it (no pun intended), they’d have a plastic surgeon on speed dial anyway. 😉

  • Anonymous

    wow. This family cannot get any more shallow. Plastic surgeon??? Every freaking child falls and gets hurt. How many moms take their toddlers to a plastic surgeon? Just one, KOURTNEY KARTRASHIAN, someone who thinks that looks is everything in life. Ironically, even without the inury, her son has always been on the ugly side. Maybe thats just an excuse to fix his face up.

  • TP

    I fell on a glass counter and ripped off the end of my nose as a child back in 1964, and I also was taken to a plastic surgeon to have it reattached. The scar across the bridge of my nose is virtually invisible now. If you care about your child and can afford it or have insurance, then of course you should get them the best possible care for any injury or illness. That’s a no brainer!

  • Anonymous

    I think she was right to not take a chance with something like that. As children grow older, their skin stretches and changes. He could have been left with a nasty scar. Until one is placed in that situation, I would never judge!

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of uninformed comments!
    this reinforces the lack of understanding of the specialty by much of the general public — one of the most frustrating parts about the specialty.

    “Plastic surgeons” or “facial plastic surgeons” are plastic & reconstructive surgeons by definition. Both specialties are well trained in reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures, which are really one in the same is you think about it.
    They are inherently better than other physicians and most other surgeons at managing not only soft tissue trauma but skeletal trauma of the face as well.
    It is completely NORMAL for a plastic surgeon to treat a child that fell and suffered an injury to the face. Sure, a lot of parents just take their child to the ER when something like that happens. However, a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon gets called in plenty of times by the ER staff to help if there is any concern regarding the complexity of the injury or potential long-term adverse outcomes.

    That said, I know plenty of parents who over-react to even the most minor injuries of their children.

  • Trubie

    I think she did what she wanted and that was making sure her little man was well taken care of… no complaints???????,_? Here. You go Kortney take care of your children the way you see fit screw what anyone else thinksthats you m.o. as it is. Love all of the KARDASHIAN a


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