Brandi Glanville & Sons: Picnic In The Park

Reality TV starlet Brandi Glanville took her two beautiful boys Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, for a picnic in the park in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (September 14).

The 38-year-old beauty spent some quality time with her sweet sons in between doing handstands, climbing in trees and feeding birds in a pond. The doting mom even got a backrub from her little dude!

The former model first made headlines when she split from her actor hubby Eddie Cibrian – the father of her two sweet sons – in 2009 after months of speculation that he was having an affair with his then married Northern Lights co-star LeAnn Rimes.

The yummy mummy and has since joined the ranks of the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, co-starring with veterans Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong.

Clearly excited about her role on the TV series, Brandi took to Twitter on Monday and reminded her fans to tune into the show. “OMG! I almost forgot!!! Watch the new episode of RHOBH tonight on BRAVO!!!”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    She is such a good mom its nice to see her being photographed with her sons instead ppl taking photos of them with homewrecker Leann Rimes.

  • Meg

    These pictures are awkward and almost border on inappropriate when not taken in context. I am sure they are perfectly innocent, but it just looks odd when you view this main picture with the one of him playing with her hair and then giving her a back massage.

    • Victoria

      They don’t look awkward nor inappropriate.

    • Anonymous

      Alright…Mrs.Rimes Cibrian. Lay off! There is nothing wrong going on here. Your response…just tells us where your mind is at.

    • Anonymous

      Alright…Mrs.Rimes Cibrian. Lay off! There is nothing wrong going on here. Your response…just tells us where your mind is at.

  • Anonymous

    Those little boys look so happy to be with their mommy. She’s a great mother. 🙂
    I can’t stand Leann Rimes.

  • Anonymous

    The scenes of her on the show-she looks like a beeotch

  • Anonymous

    She is a great Mom…Shame on Leann for stealing her man and even more shame on Eddie for cheating. The boys will be scarred forever.

  • KMJ

    OH my God those kids and their look mom are so happy and gorgeous! I have to agree, it is SO NICE to finally see a natural picture of these three as opposed to those forced photo-op staged ones of Rimes when she is with them.
    Finally can see those kids looking happy and content with their real mom. Thanks, Celebrity baby scoop.

  • Linda

    These are beautiful pictures of a real mom and her sons. They look so happy together. Brandi is appropriately dressed for an outing with her children not like that LeAnn Rimes in her skimpy shorts looking like a hooker. Those pictures of LeAnn with the boys are so staged and phony. Too bad Brandi has to share her sons with the likes of leAnn Rimes because of that cheating Eddie Cibrian. I just hope the kids won’t having lingering scars from the upset in their young lives. Shame on Eddie Cibrian for breaking up his boys family.

  • Anonymous

    Do you realize that this is the FIRST time that CBS has put up photos of those kids with their mother? All of the other pictures that CBS has of these kids are with Eddie and Leann. And the ones of those kids with Eddie and Leann are VERY inappropriate. So thanks CBS for remembering that these kids do have a mother and that one adult in the equation isn’t bent on using those kids for self promotion. For a moment there I was beginning to think that CBS thought LR was those kids mother, the way they always doted on her and Eddie’s outting with those kids. Now please do not post photos of Eddie and Leann with those kids because everyone knows that Eddie would only be using those kids because his show airs on Monday and since LR is going to be on that show, the same would apply to her.

  • Anonymous

    These don’t look like a photo-op, please all 3 are fame whores all want attention that why she on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” she no better than any of the other woman on those shows. Leann no better than all the other crazy attention seekers, they all need to go away and get off twitter.

  • Teresa

    She CALLED the paps up.

    • Anonymous

      Actually Leann Rimes has a better relationship with this site than BG does. Leann was seen have a full blown tweet conversation about having babies with someone from this site, this coming after she made a big fuss over how she didn’t appreciate the fact that the paps this site had posted photos of those kids and after Leann Rimes made a big fuss about how she didn’t appreciate how the paps where invading the privacy of her bonus sons. Look at how many photos that this site has of LR, EC and those kids as compared to BG and those boys. The number is 20:1. Also notice that it’s just this site that has the photos, unlike LR and EC who alert EVERY site where and when they will be with those kids. So it’s more than likely that LR called the paps after BG probably told EC where she was taken the boys.

      • Anonymous

        OH MY GOD who cares?

        • Anonymous

          Well you did take the time and energy to write a “who cares” post, so we can conclude that you do care, otherwise you wouldn’t be here in this thread posting, right? So are you upset because someone pointed out that Leann Rimes has connections to this site because she was seen having a twitter conversation with someone from this site and that the majority of the photos of those kids on this site are not them with their mother, but of them with Leann and Eddie?

          Well Eddie has a interview on Monday and we all know what that means. STAGED “happy family” photo-op where Leann is dressed inapproprately with those kids. I hope the media calls EC and LR out, rather than glorify their behavior.

  • Jennifer

    LeAnn cannot see at the mere age of 28 what exactly has happened to her and how big of a love struck fool she comes across as. She does not see the harm in all her tweets about what should be “private” family matters and going on and on calling Mason and Jake her “bonus sons” makes her look even more immature than she already is. A divorce is not a “bonus” situation for any child and one day when those boys can read – I’m sure the oldest already can – and can understand the situation fully – they will have huge resentments toward LR and their father. LeAnn says she and Eddie are “true loves” and probably believes their relationship was “destiny or fate”, when all it is – is a by product of two adults who lusted after each other on a movie set and did not have the character, self-control or respect to remain true to their spouses and conduct themselves with dignity. I would assume when LR is in her mid to late thirties and is perhaps an actual biological mother herself – by which she and EC will likely be divorced – she will rethink all of her public comments about how she and EC were “meant to be” and she will regret rubbing her “bonus mom” status in the beautiful face of Brandi Glanville. Look at LR before EC – not nearly as thin, no fake boobs, no sexy (boderline slutty) clothes and no high heels that were 4 or 5 inches high and thank God – non constant tweeting! EC has turned her into his image of perfection (which looks an awful lot like Brandi Glanville, the REAL mother of his sons)! EC saw early on after the affair that Brandi was done with him, (she is spirited) and that LR would do ANYTHING to be with him – so those two factors and LR’s sizeable checkbook sealed the deal. If given the choice EC would have glady remained with Brandi, after all – he orginally denied the affair with LR – remember? He was ashamed and saw it as a fling – LR is the one who pushed it into a long term arrangment with her open legs and debit card. I give these two about 5 more years tops, less if LR lets herself go or Brandi would give EC the time of day again. A little age and wisdom and a little less dick from EC would do Mrs. Rimes – Cibrian some definite good!!! She comes across as a love sick fool instead of a serious country music artist – my God she can’t even get a real tour anymore – truthfully feel sorry for her and her lack of ability to see her siuation for what it actually is.

    • Anonymous

      It sounds like Leann is pulling this “true love” campaign because her hubby isn’t being as faithful to her as she would have us a believe. Eddie Cibrian is cheating on Leann and the more she takes to twitter to quote the Notebook or that blog/twitter to talk about how she and EC were fated to be together the more it becomes evident that Eddie is CHEATING on Miss Rimes. No wonder she looks so sick and ill these days. It’s her realizing that nothing she does will ever make Eddie be faithful to her. The question isn’t if or when EC will cheat, the question is how long will it take the media to report on Eddie’s affairs. LR is just WAY too insecure, and why would she need to be this way if all was well in her relationship with Eddie Cibrian?

      What makes Leann’s declaration that EC loves her even more laughable is the fact that Eddie won’t and can’t even stick to the standards he set up in court documents about his kids being exposed to the media and paps. Now if EC would so easily break his word concerning his kids experiencing ANY type of public exposure, why would anyone believe that Eddue loves LR, is happy with LR, or being faithful to LR ? The more LR tweets/blogs about those kids or her happy family, the more staged photo-ops she sets up with those kids, and the more interviews she does about those boys she herself tells us that her relationship with Eddie Cibrain is a fraud and that Eddie is a LAIR. And then she wonders why no one believes that Eddie is in love with her. No one trusts a man who exploits his own kids when he receives bad reviews for his show. No one.

  • Jennifer

    Brandi is beautiful and a great mom. LeAnn has been morphed as close as Eddie can get her into the physical version of Brandi, yet she still falls FAR SHORT beauty wise but Eddie accepts this for now becasue of her fat checkbook and the press that this controversial relationship brings him. LeAnn’s constant tweeting about her private family matters and “bonus boys” is not a bonus to anyone – it just shows her massive immaturity and insecurity. This relationship was not “destiny or fate” as she shoes down our throats – it is the by product to two married adults who chose not to control themselves on a movie set – period. Mrs. Rimes – Cibrian’s house of cards will soon be caving in.

  • leigh

    Brandi – real “real pretty, real personality -both good and bad – real MOM, real fun” LeAnn “real rich – bought and paid for husband – real pathetic -singing at fairs and thinking she is such a “bonus” to everyone.

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