Mary McCormack Names Baby Daughter

In Plain Sight starlet Mary McCormack and her hubby Michael Morris have decided on a name for their precious newborn daughter – Lillian!

The 42-year-old actress took to Twitter yesterday and happily revealed the great news. “Finally our little girl has a name. It’s Lillian. Lil for short.”

Mary – who is also mom to Margaret, 6, and Rose, 3 – announced that she was expecting her third child back in April and that the pregnancy would be written into the storyline of the USA Network’s TV series In Plain Sight.

“The upside of being knocked up along with my character – no need for stunt boobs!” she joked at the time.

Throughout her career, Mary has played noteworthy roles in the TV series Murder One and The West Wing as well as the movies Deep Impact, True Crime, K-PAX, and 1408.

She wed husband Michael Morris – who is known for producing the TV series Brothers & Sisters – in 2003.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to them finally a Classic name that isn’t over used like Ava Grace Margaret Olivia ect

    • Anonymous

      You honestly think Margaret is overused? Besides names like Ava are NOT classic-neither is Lillian. They are vintage.

    • Anonymous

      Lilian is overused…..maybe not in the last couple years but it’s one of the most common names out there. I love when people take more than 9 months to think of a name then come up with stuff like Lilian and Benjamin…..

      • gini

        People can name their kids whatever they like. Who cares how long it took her to name the baby, maybe she just loves the name. It doesn’t matter if a lot of other people love the name too and name their baby that. What do you think everyone should name their kids weird names that none has ever heard of before?

        • Anonymous

          why go from one extreme to the other? can we settle on somewhere in the middle….not all pick the same few names and not something weird either?
          and if she ‘loved’ it so much why would it take her so long to come up with it? think before you type…..

  • Olivia

    hey i love my name

  • arabella

    Love the name Lillian.

  • Anonymous

    Cute name…love Lil for short

  • klutzy_girl

    I love all of her daughters’ names. They’re so nice!

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous 12:25, you do know that their eldest daughter is named Margaret right?

  • arabella

    Harper Grace Ava are overused names in Hollywood.

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