Alexis Denisof & Satyana: Three Wheelin’

Man, does it get any cuter?

Alexis Denisof savored some father-daughter time with his adorable, tricycle-riding Satyana in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (September 18). Looks like Alyson Hannigan wanted her husband and daughter to enjoy some alone time.

The How I Met Your Mother star had to recently shoot down pregnancy rumors after she was photographed with an apparent baby bump.

“NO, I’m not pregnant! I just ate too much carnival food, that time of the month, hurt my back & couldn’t suck my gut in, & need 2 do cardio!” she Tweeted.

“And I’m NEVER gonna wear that shirt again!!!” she added.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    She is really stinkin’ cute.

    But is the helmet really necessary??

    • Anonymous

      My daughter insists on wearing her helmet on her tricycle and who am I to argue? It is definitely not necessary, but not a bad habit to get into.

    • anonymous

      Wow, you’re complaining because a parent is trying to ensure their child’s safety. Nice.

    • Angi

      Yes…a helmet is necessary. She is riding a bike after all.

    • Anonymous

      Are you seriously complaining about parents making taking perfectly normal, reasonable actions to protect the safety of their child? Are you seriously that much of a moron?

      Okay, for a sincere answer, it’s called teaching the child the right lessons while they’re young. Even if it’s not necessary now, the right thing to do is to teach her that whenever you’re on a bike, you wear a helmet, no exceptions. Then she won’t argue, especially when she gets older and rides a real bike where it really is necessary. Have you ever tried to get a child to do something you didn’t make them do before? They don’t understand fine distinctions in logic, such as the difference between a trike and two-wheeler and why one might require a helmet while the other might not. They just know, “You didn’t make me wear a helmet on my bike before, why do have to now? I don’t wanna!!!!” and now you have kid throwing a tantrum. Much easier to just teach the right thing from the start.

  • klutzy_girl

    Aww, we hardly ever see Alexis and Satyana by themselves! It’s usually three of them or just Aly and Satyana. So cute!

  • Anna

    The helmet is overkill, but they’re probably just very overprotective.

    Satyana is super cute!

  • Ondine

    What is that stick handle he’s pushing? I’ve not seen one of those before. To keep the little one close while she pedals? If so, between the helmet and the handle, it seems a little overkill on the safety issue. After all, she is on a sidewalk.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the helmet be overkill? What if the bike got away from him and something horrible happened? Plus teaching kids early they “must” wear a helmet when riding a bike is a good thing….isn’t it?

  • NYC Mommy

    A helmet is never overkill. My daughter had her helmet on walking down our front stairs to go to ride her big wheel and she fell down and landed on her helmet. Due to fact she was wearing she was not injured (she was 2 1/2). So I am a huge fan of helmets. Think some kids should wear them 24/7 would probably clear out some of our emergency rooms.

  • Audrey

    The helmet here starts the habit of helmet on two-wheeler some day. The kid is cute.

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