Kourtney Kardashian & Mason Land In L.A.

Looks like it was a smooth landing for Kourtney Kardashian and son Mason, 1 1/2, as they arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (September 17).

And it was a family affair – Kourtney’s sister Kim was with them, too.

Mason looks like he’s doing fine after his little mishap last week – the toddler fell on his face and hit his nose. Mom Kourtney caused quite the controversy when it was reported that she rushed him to a plastic surgeon following his accident.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Kourtney looks amazing. Her son isn’t really cute, with his adult face. UGH.

    • Sujinah

      I find it disgusting when people, especially adults, say comments like this. The kid was born with a face and will grow up with it. He is just one and half, why are you judging his physical appearance! Want him to have plastic surgery right away to “fix” the problem so he can have a baby face?
      And now, parents are wondering why kids and teens are so into physical appearance … it’s because their are people like you who judge them, ever since they were babies. It is not a pageant contest. And comments like this are just unnecessary. Hey if you are a parent, why don’t you post a picture of your children. I’ll be pleased to point out their flaws. Let’s see how you like it.

      Society is getting more and more ridiculous.

      • F.A.J

        Eh She just said that he isn’t cute so live with that. I mean in my opinion he isn’t that cute. He really has an adult face and she (if she’s a she) and I are not the only one who think that. They’re a lot people who think that. Oh so she have to give her photos of her children to you. That’s lame, you’re lame.

        • Sujinah

          There are a lot of people that think that baby x or baby y is not so cute but do we say it, write it? I know how it feels like to hear negative comments from adults when I was child, and trust me, it is not the greatest feeling. Physical appearance became so important to people, that’s why I said it was ridiculous and disgusting.

          And please, understand my words instead or calling me lame right away. I did not ask for a picture of her child. I was trying to tell her to imagine what it would be like to have strangers pointing out their child’s flaws.

          I still believe that humans are becoming more and more ridiculous. It’s almost sad to see how the way you look can either make your life great or ruin it.

      • Anonymous

        Any child is cuter than him. OH and I’m not gonna post some pics of my children. You’re pathetic!! Well let me see pics of your children if you’re gonna act like a child. I bet they look the same like Mason.

        • Sujinah

          First, I never asked you to post pictures of your child, literally. Oh my god are people that dumb?
          Second, I do not have kids.
          Third, I would be happy if I looked like him anyway. I don’t care about how I look. And I wouldn’t care about my kids’ physical appearance. Cause all that would matter to me is their health and their happiness.

          And just so you know, I know some kids are cuter than some others. Trust me, I see some celebrities kids and I am just like “oh … well .. okay.” But I don’t write “This child is so ugly! That other child is much better looking!” Yes, we can say whatever we want (almost) on the internet but stuff like that, saying a child is ugly when, first of all, he or she can’t do anything about it, is just dumb.

          • Anonymous

            Wow I didn’t know you are that dumb. So I don’t think he’s cute but that doesn’t mean you have 2 act like this. I see u want to look like him fine than you’re also not beautiful. Sorry but in my opinion, he’s ugly. Oh you don’t have children so I guess you’re a child. Well I’m not gonna have a discussion with a child. BYE AND GET A LIFE!!!

          • Sujinah

            Of course, everyone over 21 who has no child are child themselves … interesting. I’ve seen enough. It’s sad to see how much there are people who do not use their brain, nowadays.

          • Fernanda


          • Sujinah

            I forgot to ask … how old are you? 11, going on 12?
            If you are an adult, your life must be sad.
            Spending your time on this website ..
            At least I know I don’t have a life. I am a teen and I love kids .. that’s why I come here. But you … I guess you have a lot of self-esteem problems if you come here to say that some babies are ugly.

          • Joy

            The same thing to you, because you’re also acting like a 12 years old, because of a comment. Live with the fact that not everyone likes the Kardashians, oh and she doesn’t comment. How dumb are you. She already said I’m not gonna have a conversation with a kid. IDIOT you are!!

      • Abi

        I agree with this totally! Every child is beautiful, and they should be brought up to believe this. Mason is adorable, and I hope he, and the other children people critisize, do not grow up to have such insecurities.

  • Felicity

    HEY they’re people who say he’s cute and they’re people who say he’s ugly. Why started a fight. Get on with it.

  • gbaby

    People take this website to way to seriously…anyways kourtney looks so young she looks like the youngest sister from the three and shes the oldest…she looks amazing. Mason is starting to be the spitting image of his dad.

  • Colleen

    Mason is adorable and I love that he started with dark hair and it is turning blonde!!

  • Anonymous

    Why some people get so upset over comments about Mason? This family has put themselves under the spotlight, now deal with the scrutiny. Mason is not handsome, he does have an adult face (he’s had it since he was a newborn – which was even more creepy). The message that people need to get is – it’s ok to not be the prettiest one in the room, you’d be better off being the smartest, the kindest and the most interesting in the room. Not everyone is born with a pretty face but everyone is born with the ability to give love and kindness. What makes me feel bad for Mason isn’t his adult looking face, it’s the fact that he’s growing up in such a superficial, vain and money – hungry family. His dad is probably the most immature, shallow person I’ve ever seen. I hope this kid grows up to be a nice, kind-hearted, smart and caring human being.

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