Solange Knowles: Beyoncé’s Going To Be A ‘Brilliant’ Mom

Solange Knowles is thrilled about becoming an aunt to big sis Beyoncé‘s first child, telling Us Weekly, “I’m very excited! I couldn’t be more excited for her — she’s gonna be a brilliant mom.”

And though she’s sure her superstar sister is going to rock at being a mother, Knowles reveals that there’s another celeb mom who’s currently serving as an inspiration to her.

Kate Moss is a role model for me. She’s fabulous,” Solange told Us at the ’10 Years of Kate Moss and Rimmel’ event in London. “I mean she’s a working mother,” the artist explained. “Anyone who knows how to juggle those two elements and does it well I’m a big fan of.”

Knowles, 25, is no stranger to the balancing act we call motherhood herself. At 18, she gave birth to son Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., who’s now 6-years-old, and has already provided mom-to-be Beyoncé with lots of hands-on experience.

“I’ve had two weekends where I’ve been able to hand him over, and it’s been very nerve-racking for me, but she does a great job,” Solange said early last year. “The bedtimes we got to work on. Sometimes I’ll call expecting him to be asleep, but he’s still up.”

We’re sure Solange is going to be a big help to Bey throughout the coming months.

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  • anonymous

    I thought it was a younger version of Diana Ross.

  • Troy

    That tramp beYAWNcy loves the limelight too much and loves to be the center of attention so I can’t see her being a good mother. More than likely she’ll use her child to get herself some attention. Like now, she’s suppose to be relaxing, where is she, still out and about flaunting trying to keep the limelight. Even when she was suppose to be taking time off for a year, were did we see her, all over the tabloids. Fake beotch!!!

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