Ethan Hawke: Strollin’ With The Kids

Ethan Hawke was seen pushing his 3-year-old daughter Clementine in her stroller in New York City on Sunday (September 18). The actor looked like he had his hands full as he talked on the phone while also carrying 2-month-old Indiana in a sling.

Meanwhile, it looks like Hawke is going to be back on the small screen. He’s signed on to an NBC cop show called Blue Tilt. He’ll play a detective trying to balance work and family life.

Sounds like it’ll reflect his real life!

He once said, “Anybody who is a parent who wants to have a professional life knows that it’s a struggle… always a balance.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Flynet


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  1. NYC Mommy

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that is distressed to see his 2 month old being carried like a sack of potatoes. How does the child breathe? How is the neck supported? I know a bunch of people will probably bash me saying those slings are so natural and people have used them for centuries… My answer to that is there are alot of things people used for centuries that are NOT safe… It just seems so strange to me and then on top of that he has a phone in one hand and pushing stroller with other hand. As a NYer I believe he should be a little more aware when walking the mean streets with his children.

    • Iris

      No you’re not, it makes my skin curl to see him carrying his precious two month old daughter like this! You have so many great carriers and slings on the market, but the baby in this one looks like a bag full of groceries.
      I understand that you want to have your hands free to push your older one around. But you can do it in another way that is way more supportive for the baby and for you!
      I walk around the London Underground with my two year old in a stroller and my 3 month old in a Baby Bjorn carrier, which gives me great support in the back and shoulders and my son is fully supported as well.

      • Anonymous

        There is nothing wrong with that sling. It is a simple pouch sling, and perfectly safe IF used correctly. HOWEVER, he is NOT wearing the sling properly, and it is not the right size for him. The shoulder strap should be passing OVER his shoulder, not hanging beside his neck, and the baby should be resting at chest level, not near his hip. And the material should NEVER cover the baby’s face. Ever.

    • Sophia

      I think the same thing! The poor little girl’s neck looks all kinked upwards and she’s jammed in there under her dad’s arm, it just looks horribly uncomfortable! I love a baby-wearing parent, don’t get me wrong, but I know for a fact there are slings/carriers available that do the job a lot better than this one! Poor Indiana!

  2. Anonymous

    No, I agree with you. I always wonder the same thing when I see people using those. It looks terribly hot and uncomfortable.

  3. Gena

    As a baby wearer (I still wear my 20 month old! Have worn him since he was a newborn) — Ethan’s baby’s position is ALL wrong… in a very dangerous way.

    That baby needs to be up nearer to his head… close enough that he could kiss her head. Also needs to be positioned slightly upright so she is not in the chin to chest position which is DANGEROUS!

    This sort of nonsense gives babywearing a bad name. He needs to read up on what he’s doing and correct it! GAH!

    Ethan – FAIL! Come on, dude. If you’re going to babywear, take it seriously. Don’t just grab the nearest sling and throw it on and stick the baby in it and expect that’s all you need to do. Ugh. Someone flag him down on the street and give him a little lesson.

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