Real Or Rumor: Was The Sex Of Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Baby Revealed?

Pop power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z may have wanted to keep the sex of their unborn baby under wraps, but according to MediaTakeOut, someone in the family has inadvertently spilled the beans.

Is the story true? You decide.

A source close to famed designer Christian Louboutin tells the website that Jay Z’s sister, Annie, recently placed an order for a pair of custom-made pink baby booties for the couple’s little bundle — a girl!

A tad early?

Not for these cute kicks. As a must-have accessory for celebrity babies, the booties need to be reserved at least six months in advance.

Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, has already revealed that the couple does know the sex of the baby, but do you think Bey and Jay are really having a girl?

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Can someone help me understand the rationale behind keeping the gender a secret if it is known to the parents?

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s no one else’s business. And that is today’s edition of simple answers to stupid questions.

      • Anonymous

        Stupid answer to simple question.

  • Anonymous

    If they know the sex of the baby already, then she is probably past 20 weeks, yeah?

  • SMH

    Basically they want it be kept from the public. Something they wish to cherish with close friends and family and not the world bc then it’s just one more thing the world knows about them and isn’t really sacred anymore.

    I’d love to see them have a girl….baby B!! badass!

  • Gisele


  • Anonymous

    hoping it looks like her then!!

  • Anonymous

    MTO is the site that started rumor that she enhanced her baby bump because she was only 8 weeks pregnant at MTV awards. They have rarely being right

  • Anonymous

    WHO GIVES A CRAP – People have babies all the time – what is so special about her – NUTIN

    • Rose

      Then don’t read stories about her. Easy.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you know you’re on a celebrity parents and babies websites. She is JUST one of the biggest star in the world (whether you like her or not, you can’t denied it). So I woulds say : some million people are giving a crap about her (you , raging angry embittered little bull lol)

  • Anonymous

    Is the story true? You decide….if you care. No, no I don’t.

  • Courtney

    you don’t have to be 20 weeks which is 4 and 3 quarter months for the anatomy scan to be accurate it’s accurate at 17 weeks. now a days celebs don’t get any privacy what so ever because of the 24 hour news cycle and maybe they were told by her doctors to keep the gender secret until she was futher along because there was fear of a problem you never know.

  • Ondine

    I’m guessing it’s a little girl who looks just like her daddy. I bet we won’t be seeing that photograph anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      Lol… U sure right about that one..

  • Dani

    I think she is having a Baby Girl & Mediatakeout didn’t get any “exclusive” info; they make up stories out of thin air. Beyoncé herself let it slip in an recent interview she talk about sequins & studs when she receive a bib as a gift from a interviewer last week.

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