Scott Ian: From Ballads To Bottles

Anthrax’s rhythm guitarist Scott Ian seems to be enjoying parenthood! The 47-year-old musician – who welcomed son Revel in June with his wife Pearl Aday, 35 – recently opened up to and discusses his new life as a first-time father.

The musical magician claims that although he and his wife may not have felt officially ready to start a family, they jumped into parenthood wholeheartedly and never looked back.

You just do it! For years we said we’re not ready, we’re not ready,but you could say that for your whole life. When are you really ready? There’s no way to be truly ready for kids, which I guess is something you can’t really know until you have a kid. You can make all the plans in the world, then the baby comes home with you, then it’s throw all the plans out the window, here we go!

He continues to admit that although little Revel’s arrival has meant massive life changes for the cute couple, the end result is worth it.

“I think it came very natural for both my wife and I,” the doting dad reveals. “We just wanted it so much, and it has been the greatest. Any of the hard work and change of life schedules doesn’t matter, because he’s the payoff. ”

Be on the lookout for Anthrax’s newly released album Worship Music – their first studio release since 2003 – featuring vocalist Joey Belladonna.

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