Swizz Beatz Reaches Child Support Deal

Swizz Beatz has struck an out-of-court settlement with the mother of his 3-year-old daughter Nicole. The rapper/producer, who has a baby son named Egypt with wife Alicia Keys, met Zhanna Andrianova in 2007. Their brief relationship resulted in the birth of their daughter in May 2008.

According to the NY Post, Beatz has been paying interim child support for Nicole. Andrianova had refused to accept a settlement he offered a year ago.

With the judge’s approval at Manhattan Family Court, Beatz will pay the agreed child support, along with the $42,000 in legal fees. Apparently, Russian-born Andrianova had visa problems in the UK.

Beatz also has two others sons from previous relationships, Prince Nasir, 11, and Kasseem Dean Jr., 5.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    How long have he and Alicia been together?

  2. Anonymous

    This guy has numerous children by various women. When will men learn that it is not acceptable to father children and then move on from the mothers as if they are nothing? He should have more responsibility as a man. Paying child support does not equal being a good father.

    • Victoria

      I agree it’s definitely not. Some people act like you’re being mean when you say that, and yes we have seen pictures of him with Zhanna, but come on this little girl lives in a whole other country. Kids don’t remember once in a while they remember all the time, and if you’re not there all the time, the kid is cheated. And that’s the truth whether some people are willing to admit it or not or whether they’re okay with settling.

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