Alec Baldwin Defends Daughter Over Racist Allegations

Actor Alec Baldwin, 53, has recently risen to the defence of his darling daughter Ireland, 15, after she was publicly chastised for quoting the controversial title of a Jay Z and Kanye West song on her Twitter page.

Ireland – Alec’s daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger – claims she was innocently expressing her love for the rap megastars and their collaborative album Watch The Throne when she received grief over using the offensive ‘N’ word without censorship.

“I love Jay-z. And Kanye. Together. I want to see them in Vegas! Who’s coming with me?!” the teen tweeted on Sunday.

She then followed with the controversial comment, “N**gas In Paris- Jay-Z/Kanye.”

She may have been referring to the title of her favorite tune but followers that were unaware of the track lashed out at Ireland and branded her a racist.

In response to the controversy, the 30Rock star quickly took to his Twitter page in an attempt to smooth over the dissention and explain his daughter’s word choice.

N**gas In Paris- Jay-Z/Kanye’ think this is reference 2 a celebration of hip-hop music in France. Just clearin’ that up. Anyone who thinks that quoting the title of that song is racist is a disgrace. To the human race. ”

He also playfully shot a comment back to his daughter, “I love that song N****S IN PARIS!!! I love Kanye!! I love @IrelandBBaldwin most of all!!!

Ireland ended the outcry with a public Twitter apology, claiming that she never meant to offend anyone with the use of such a word, and wrote, “Man if you slip once on twitter, people start flipping a s**t… I had no right to use the word and I apologize if I offended anyone. But I was just writing the title of a song. No need to bash me.”

She also playfully tweeted to her father that “dad were going to get bashed on here for loving Kanye and Jay-z… We better stop.”

Alec is as famous for his fatherhood blunders as he is for his acting career. Some of you may remember the April 2007 voice-mail where he called his only daughter a “rude little pig” who needed to have her “ass straightened out” after she had “humiliated [him] for the last time.” After this debacle, the star spoke about writing a parenting book.

It will be ironic for some people, but I’m going to write a parenting book. We’re at, not a crisis, but an awful place right now in terms of parenting. People are raising their children with the belief that we need to be friends with our children. Kids have too much power and call too many of the shots, telling their parents what they will and won’t do.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Imagine having your dad on Twitter… lol I’d delete my account.

    • Think before you speak...

      I would LOVE to have my Dad on Twitter. He passed away in 2003. Again, think before you speak.

      • Victoria

        Oh give me a break. Stop guilting people, your situation has nothing to do with her not wanting to have her dad on twitter.

      • YOU think

        No, you think before typing such ridiculous comments. Everyone’s always gotta have something to complain about and be wronged over. This is taking it to a ridiculous degree. What about the people whose fathers beat them or molested them and want to get away from their dad. They could say you should think before you speak.

    • hahaha tried to make someone feel guilty

      HA “Think before you speak…” Perhaps you should’ve taken your own advice. I agree with Victoria & “YOU think.” That was your personal situation. People generally aren’t too chummy with their parents when they’re alive. Most are much more appreciative when they die. If your father came back from the dead and couldn’t die again, after a while you’d wanna punch him in the face just like before. Stop whining!

  2. Anna

    I can’t believe she apologized! It’s the name of a song, a stupid name but still. If black people really wanted the word to disappear they would stop using it themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Here we go again. I was wondering how long it would take someone to use the argument that white people should be able to use the N word because black people do. Afterall, the word has the same historical meaning when white people use it as when black people do. Here is what I tell white people (because they are the only ones who ever complain about this supposed double standard) who are dying to use that word. Go for it. No one is stopping you. Just prepared for the backlash/repercussions. While we are at it. Let’s give everyone permission to use any derogatory term. Men should feel free to call women the B word. Asians can call jews the K word. Hispanics can call Asians the C word. I have to remember to tell my boss tomorrow to start calling me a B rather than using my name.

      • Tanya

        you’re totally right. there should be separate lists of words for each social group and you can’t use a word from another group unless you get special permission. Otherwise the social police should put you in jail.

        • Anonymous

          ding, ding, ding. you get a cookie. yes. that is PRECISELY what i am saying. If an ENTIRE group doesn’t want you to use a DEROGATORY term then out of RESPECT you shouldn’t. I don’t run around using any of the terms that I listed in my post. Why? Because its OFFENSIVE. I have friends of various ethnicities and there are terms that they use within their own circle. Just because I am in the room when a term is being used doesn’t give me carte blanche to use that term. Are you serious? What is the fascination that people have with that term. Why is it so important to use that term? To prove that you’re cool? To piss of black people? What is the deal? Honestly, I wish someone would tell me. When is that term ever an ESSENTIAL part of everyday conversation.

      • Anonymous

        Your comparison doesn’t make any since. I don’t go around calling people the B word then get mad when it gets said by a male. I don’t use it because it’s offensive nor do I want to be called that. The N word is offensive no matter who’s mouth it comes out of, so stop complaining and then standing there using it in your music. It is a double standard.

        • Victoria

          Your comparison of the B word to the N word is just stupid. The N word was means to be the lowest of the low, it’s not some slang term like the B word is. As a black woman, I don’t like when my people call eachother that word because the meaning has not changed. But white people and no other people can definitely not call us N words. I don’t give a F how hypocritical that is because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. And I’d love to see you actually walk up to a black person and call them that.

          • Anonymous

            FYI, the B-word isn’t “some slang term”. It is also meant to convey the lowest of the low. A “B*tch” is a female dog used for breeding (during their pregnancy they are called Dams). Comparing a woman to a dog used for breeding is both contemptuous and low, not just “a slang term.”

      • Anonymous

        Your comparison doesn’t make any since. I don’t go around calling people the B word then get mad when it gets said by a male. I don’t use it because it’s offensive nor do I want to be called that. The N word is offensive no matter who’s mouth it comes out of, so stop complaining and then standing there using it in your music. It is a double standard.

      • Anna

        I don’t know anyone dying to use the word, I don’t use use and I don’t want to use. But if someone decides to put the word in a song title, than you can’t complain afterwards when someone says the song title! The whole thing is ridiculous. If you don’t want the word to be used than don’t use it yourself and it will become extinct.

        PS What’s the K word? I have no idea.

      • Janna

        Where is the black uproar about two African American men writing a song with the word in it? How is that okay, but someone repeating the song title is out of bounds?

        I don’t listen to or respect rap music for this very reason. It’s not a word I want to use or hear. If someone else does, that’s there business. But you don’t get to have a black artist name the song that, then complain when a white fan repeats the song title. That’s not simply hypocritical, it’s just plain stupid.

      • Anonymous

        She didn’t use the word. She quoted the song. If they don’t want people to use the word, don’t put it in the freaking song. The bigger story is her awful taste in music and tacky way of speaking.

  3. Janna

    Why did she apologize? She has as much right to use the word as Jay Z and Kanye did.

    • laq

      no she desn’t. when blacks use tht word, its taking power from the word. when whites use it, it reminds blacks of the horrid past. With me, if I know the white person (and like them, meaning I know they mean me no harm, they get to use tht word IN ITS VARIATION with me… those are like…. 5 white people I consider family. If u as a white chick walked up to me and called me tht, I’d beat you…. male or female. You insulted me.

  4. Anonymous 2

    It’s really easy to not get in trouble over the n-word. Just don’t say it. Don’t quote anyone else saying it. Don’t say it while singing a song. Don’t try to be “funny” using it. Don’t try to mock other people using it by using it. It’s really really simple.

  5. Europa

    Celebrities and their children obviously are jumped on for any little perceived slight. If she wasn’t Alec Baldwin’s daughter, you never would have heard a word about it. Plus her identity was known. There are far worse things said on the Internet every day but as they’re hiding behind their computers, nobody knows who these cowards are .

  6. tabatot

    well, so…say you wanted to call in to the radio station to request them to play it, what do you say? if kanye or jay-z don’t want people to call it what they named it then i guess we’re just in a cluster, ain’t we?

  7. Anonymous

    This is ludicris, everyone knows liberals can’t be racist! But she did forget that only black people can us the N word. She obviously knows that rule now.

  8. SMH

    It’s a song title she can write it. Kanye/JayZ used it she has the right to repeat it. It wasn’t used in a derogatory way. It’s not that deep people.
    If a song uses the “N” word and a white person happens to be singing along do you think they skip over the word? Nope. There is a difference between repeating the word used by someone in a song and blantly going up to someone and calling them one.

    And I agree since the word has such an ignorant disrespetful connotation maybe it should be an abolished word altogether along with all the other derogatory words people use for different races.

  9. Anonymous9

    It’s the name of a song. She didn’t name the song; she just likes it.

    This is the stupidest fake uproar I’ve heard in a long time.

  10. Lakawak

    It is the very definition of the word racism to suggest that one race is allowed to do something while another race is not allowed. Doesn’t matter if that something is to say a certain word, or sit at the front of the bus or eat at the lunch counter. And to those suggesting it would only be OK if he put an asterisk in the world…that I guess would be a “separate but equal” word?

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