David Arquette On His ‘Dancing’ Debut: It Meant A Lot To Have Courteney & Coco There

Who knew David Arquette had such great moves? The 40-year-old actor had a very special cheering section rooting him on during Monday night’s (September 19) premiere of Dancing with the Stars — estranged wife Courteney Cox and their 7-year-old daughter, Coco.

When the Scream actor gushed about his daughter, saying: “She’s just so beautiful. She’s the love of my life,” the camera panned to Courteney and Coco, and the excited youngster turned to her mom and said, “He’s talking about you!”

“No,” Cox corrected her. “Dad’s talking about you!”

Following the show, the former Friends star talked to Us Weekly about Arquette’s DWTS debut, telling the magazine, “I thought David did such an amazing job. It’s the most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m so proud. I loved it. He had such grace and such style.”

Courteney says that Coco was “really excited” to watch her dad, and David was even happier to have his daughter – and his wife – there to support him.

“It meant a lot to have [Courteney] and Coco here tonight,” Arquette tells the magazine.

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Photo credit: ABC

  • ER

    Couldn’t have written Ex-Wife maybe one more time? HAHA

  • Anonymous

    Courtney isn’t his ex wife get your facts straight, They’re separated but have never annouced that they’re divorcing each other. Just because your taking time apart people ok you as divorced and ready to be with someone else like marriage means nothing. Hopefully they’ll be able to work in out and get back together.

  • Ondine

    When one person leaves the marriage and the marital home after being asked to by their marriage partner, then yes the marriage is over, even if they maintain a charade of “marriage” for whatever reason. Divorce will do nothing to what they have already done to their own marriage except to cement it so EVERYONE knows they are no longer married. But for now the charade continues, most likely for their daughter’s benefit. Since this is a mature little girl who wears red lipstick already, she should by now be ready to deal w/ the facts of the divorce her mother has brought to this family.

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