Gavin Rossdale: All Parents Make Sacrifices

Back on the road these days with his recently reunited band Bush, doting dad Gavin Rossdale knows first hand how hard it is to juggle career and kids. So how do he and his wife Gwen Stefani make time for their work, their boys Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, and each other? “We muddle our way through it,” he tells US magazine in a new interview. Here are a few of the highlights:

On balancing work and family: “I just accept that those are the sacrifices you make and it’s inevitable that anyone who has kids makes sacrifices… And my kids get the benefit of me working at home at the studio… Nothing’s perfect and everything has its price. But I think that I will want to instill the value in them of applying yourself and the value of sacrifice, and what it takes.”

On who the boys take after: “You want them to take after you when they do things well. When they do anything bad you wanna blame the other genes, but really they’re so phenomenally their own people. That’s almost the most incredible part of it, that you can see elements of both of us in both of them… I’m happy to say they’re got really good, funny characters and they’re polite.”

On how he and Gwen juggle their busy schedules: “We muddle our way through it. It’s just about the communication and also just the space. The one thing that’s always been so good for us is to understand each other’s timetables and commitments and responsibilities. She’s in a huge, high-powered, creative set-up with her band and she’s making a great record, and I can confirm it’s great. But that takes time and effort, and no one wants to leave their kids for work.. Too much in this world is, people assume that things come naturally, when I think it’s an essential life lesson to learn that it takes trying, try again, try again, it takes reworking it, it takes a lot of effort, it’s not just a life of dilettante.”

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  • Anonymous

    This guy wouldn’t know a sacrifice if it bit him in the butt. So full of himself.

  • Anonymous

    Um, isn’t he actually a dad of three?

  • Anonymous

    I understand the interest in Gwen and the kids, but who cares about him and what he thinks?

    • Lou

      Actually, i’ve known who he is for longer than i’ve known of Gwen. Bush were a really big band, and i’ve love his music for years. Not only that,but he’s acted in a number or films/tv roles, so is just as much of a celebrity as Gwen.

      Not that it matters, i know of plenty of non-famous partners of celebrities that get coverage because of their other half, and you don’t see people complaining about that!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but reading about and seeing this guy gives me a headache. Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      He is a celebrity in his own right, not just as her husband. I personally don’t care about these two, but this is a website devoted to celebrities, and he is one, so I don’t know why you would be surprised that they would feature him here.

      • Anonymous

        You would think that the site would feature people who would generate a lot of traffic —- yes, Gwen, no, him. The only reason I bothered to comment was because of his lame comments, not because I’m a fan.

  • Anonymous

    is it a sacrifice to have both your home recording studio and be able to work and spend time with your children?

    • marian

      I think this guy needs some cheese with his “whine”.

  • Anonymous

    ‘technically’ yes, but he was never really a father to daisy, he said that himself. She already has a father (and had one everyday when she was growing up). He says he sees her but it’s more of a friendship than anything. He says he doesn’t have any control over what she wants to do with her life, which is a huge difference to his relationship with Kingston and zuma.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else sick and tired of these celebs with their gaggles of nannies/assistants/chauffeurs/4 star hotels, tutors and private jets comparing themselves to the average family who actually have to worry about child care and money?

    • Anonymous

      Totally. Don’t have a problem with the fact that they have a whole fleet of nannies, maids, etc., but when they act like they are just a regular joe like the rest of us, it’s ridiculous – not to mention insulting. This twit is a prize.

    • Janna

      Did he do that? I didn’t read it that way.

      Money or no money, I’m sure it takes juggling to consider everyone’s schedule and making sure everyone’s need are met.

    • r

      I totally agree…they don’t even know what the word sacrifice means

    • Anonymous

      5 star hotels

  • rachel

    This guy could sure use some stylin’ advice from Gwen – that greasy ponytail is getting old.

    • Anonymous

      I used to think he was handsome. Not anymore.

  • Anonymous

    He IS celebrity. BUSH right now is on tour with their new album (I must say GREAT album). If somebody here has a headache of seeing him, go from this page and don’t read the article.
    And he is handsome, even with ponytail.

    • Anonymous

      We are entitled to voice our opinions and hopefully, some of the negative feedback will discourage future photos of this dude.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like you are a pathetic masochist.
        I just ignore articles about celebrities I don’t like.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a lot of haters and jealous B!tches on here. Why don’t you phonies go and get a life, huh?

    • Judy

      Looks like we have another mixed up teenager on the site — your terminology gave it away. Why do you care what people think about this individual? I think it’s time for YOU to get a life. I’m sure Mr. Rosedale can look after himself 😉

  • Anonymous

    Sacrificing spending time with your kids to make money for materialist crap you don’t need. Sounds ammmmmmmmmmazing. Wake up! I’m sure the nannies are doing a great job.

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