Pamela Anderson: “I Want The Kids To See Me Married & Happy”

With two teenage sons, actress Pamela Anderson says she’s happily outnumbered on the home front.

In an interview with New magazine, the former Baywatch babe says she never wishes she’d had a daughter: “No. I love that I’m surrounded by men and I’m the queen bee!”

Pamela, who has sons Brandon, 15, and Dylan, 13, with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, added that she feels a strong responsibility to raise them right.

“I’m strict about some things, I really challenge and push them a lot. I’m glad God gave me two little boys because I love men and I think it’s really important for them to just be independent and strong boys.”

There’s something else she hopes for when it comes to her boys – she wants them to see her in a “traditional” relationship.

“I would do it again,” the thrice-divorce star says of another walk down the aisle one day. “I want the kids to one day actually see me married and happy, in some kind of traditional [set-up]. We’ve had such a non-traditional life and I’m a romantic, so I think that’s on the cards.”

So what’s she looking for in a husband? Well, it seems it’s more about what Brandon and Dylan want.

‘My sons influence who I date, but maybe as they get older my attitude towards men may change,” Pam muses. “It’s just that when you’re a single mum, unfortunately, I think we date for our kids. You think, ‘Who are my kids going to want to hang out with?’ Rather than who you want.”

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