Emily Deschanel & Husband Welcome A Son: Henry!

Emily Deschanel is a mom!

The 34-year-old Bones star and her husband, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor David Hornsby, are the proud new parents of a baby boy!

Emily’s rep confirmed the happy news, telling People that the couple welcomed their son Henry Hornsby today.

Emily, who maintained a vegan diet throughout her pregnancy, recently talked about her plans for the birth, saying, “We’ve been taking HypnoBirthing classes, and I plan to do that. David will be with me, and also a doula.”

Congratulations to them on their new arrival!

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  1. See Bones this fall

    Bones had a baby! Wow her season premiere is in November! Hope it is a boy
    On Bones! With David Boreaz character! She is 6 months on the preview for
    Fall….hope to see her with the baby soon! Now that Bones and the other
    Character ..

  2. Mia

    Her husband’s name is David!
    The baby is Henry!

    Congrats to Emily and David!
    I bet little Henry is so adorable!

    Kid is gonna have gorgeous eyes, for sure. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Emily looks like Brooke Shields in this photo.

  4. SarahC

    I like the name Henry! Can’t wait to see a photo! I’m sure he’s beautiful!

  5. klutzy_girl

    Yay, congratulations to Emily and David! Love the name.

  6. ER

    What a popular name amongst the stars. Julia Roberts, Minnie Driver ect.

  7. Anonymous

    CONGRATS. wow, I’m late.. XD
    haha didn’t read it, was to busy with my work and school…
    But however, I’m sure their baby is beautiful, he’s got a beautiful mum and dad.. 😉


  8. Anonymous

    Who cares? Another mouth to feed on a planet running out of food, regardless of how much money she might have. News? What about Darfur, the Congo, New Orleans? Wall Street? Open your eyes, America. A baby born to a celebrity is a distraction, not news.

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