Heidi Klum & Lovely Lou Head Out

What a beautiful girl!

Model mom Heidi Klum enjoyed a girls’ day out with her adorable daughter Lou Sulola, 2 next month – Lou happily munched on a cracker as the pair were spotted strolling through Brentwood, California (September 21). Hasn’t she gotten so big?

The Project Runway host, who is also mom to Leni, Henry and Johan, recently donated her flair for fashion to a good cause, designing a pair of embellished jeans to be auctioned off during the Celebrities 4 Maternity Denim sale. Proceeds will benefit the March of Dimes.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Elizabeth

    Wow, Heidi has it all! Four gorgeous kids and a smitten husband- what a beautiful family! Lou is stunning.

  2. Anonymous

    Awww…. she is absolutely adorable. She looks just like mommy with a golden hue (smile) They are a beautiful family!!!

  3. Iris

    What a cutie! She has a beautiful family and Lou looks a lot like Heidi!

  4. Anonymous 2

    She is Seal’s mini me. lol Too too too cute!

  5. Anon

    Such a cutie-pie! She makes my heart just melt!

  6. Anonymous

    She looks NOTHING like Heidi. Are we looking at the same kid? Cute, but looks nothing like her mother.

  7. Anonymous

    what an adorable little girl!! she is going to be a stunner when shes older!! love this family!!

  8. Ajay

    I think she looks a lot like big sis Leni. She’s beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      @ Ajay…… it’s nice to see that someone else see’s what I see when looking at Lou’s beautiful little face. Along with lovely Leni, I also see a whole lot of Johan in her as well. Has anyone here noticed that Leni favors Heidi the least? Aside from her full caucasian ethnicity, she doesn’t particularlly look much like Heidi. I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t favor her father Flavio very much either. Possibly she looks more like another relative that we’ve never seen. However, she did inherit her mothers beauty, as did Lou. I also think that Johan is a dead ringer for Heidi’s very proud mother. Heidi’s very fortunate to have her help she and Seal on a regular basis. I think that Henry favors seal the most.

  9. Sophia

    I can’t get over how gorgeous little Lou is! What a beauty!

  10. Anonymous

    She must be so tall. Just turned 2 and already up to her 5′ 9″ mom’s hip!

  11. Anonymous

    ooh eem gee this beautiful girl just took my breathe away too gorgeous she’l be a stunner when she grows up God bless them

  12. love lou

    lou is cutest giri in the world and I love you very much and her family .

  13. Anonymous

    she is so absolutely adorable.

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