’16 & Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson-Rendon Speaks Out About Losing Daughter After DHS Raid

On September 19, members of the Jacksonville, Arkansas Police Department and the Department of Health Services raided the home of 16 & Pregnant stars Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Joshua Rendon, after receiving a report that the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, was living in sub par conditions. The home was described by officers as being covered by “human and dog feces,” which led to both Ebony and John being arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.

After being released on bail, Ebony spoke to Holly Baby, explaining why the house was in such poor condition, the reason she was smoking marijuana, and apologizing to her fans, and most importantly, her daughter, who’s now being placed in temporary foster care.

“We just had a litter of six puppies and got rid of the last one prior to everyone busting into our house,” Rendon explains. “A litter of puppies of course is going to damage your floor and that’s exactly what we were putting up with.”

According to the young mother, her child is “always taken care of,” but due to the recent loss of her unborn son, Ebony became depressed and was unable to deal with anything beyond her “personal problems.” The depression, says Rendon, was also the reason police found marijuana in the home.

“It was mine,” admits Ebony. “It had nothing to do with Josh. It was all mine and I was just doing it to self harm … after the loss of my son, I just lost him two months ago.

“I’ve been depressed, anxious, dealing with the loss of [the baby]. I was already hospitalized at the beginning of June for suicide prevention.”

But for Rendon, losing her daughter has been a wake-up call, as she tells Holly Baby, “I really shouldn’t have messed up,” adding that she plans to seek therapy and “find the right depression medication.”

“I just want to let all of our fans know we are sorry for letting them down and for letting Jocelyn down,” says Ebony.

Jocelyn will remain in foster care until a September 26 court date. At that time, Ebony and Josh plan to sign custody of the child over to either Ebony’s mother or Josh’s parents as they work “to get [their] lives straight” in Colorado; a move due, in part, to a current military investigation into the September 16 incident that could result in the couple losing their base housing, and Josh being court-martialed.

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  1. Anonymous123

    There is NO excuse for letting your two year old child live in filthy conditions!

  2. Rebecca

    This is tragic. I feel sad for everyone involved…

  3. Anonymous

    Why are the majority of the casts from this show so f*d up?!

    • Janna

      Because they’re 16 years old and pregnant, and almost always low-income which only increases the pressure. Ad a tubal pregnancy, emergency surgery, a miscarriage… and we’re expecting a 17-year old to cope with a lot.

      I’m not saying it’s not her fault, just that it’s not surprising. There are plenty of adults that can’t handle all of life’s stresses. It shouldn’t be surprising when a child can’t do it.

  4. melo1983

    Wow this is so surprising, Josh and Ebony always seemed so much better than this. I can’t imagine what their parent are thinking, since they were always extra supportive and active in their relationship. Hope they get it together and get little Jocelyn back!

  5. Anonymous

    I hope this show goes away…..

  6. ER

    Is this the same girl that said she wasn’t asked to do Teen Mom ’cause herself and Josh have no drama. SMDH if this is the same girl ’cause she sounded like she thought she was holier than thou.

  7. Anonymous

    This is why teenagers should not have babies. They need to be better educated about fertility and protection during sex. This is truly disgusting. None of her reasons are excuses for letting her toddler live in those conditions, even if they were not as bad as initially reported. This show is disgusting. It makes these girls “famous” and I have NO doubt that thousands of teenage girls are getting pregnant in the hopes of ending up on this show and ending up on the covers of In Touch or US Weekly. Media needs to boycott this show. And to think she got pregnant AGAIN! If a mother is under 18, there needs to be some sort of supervision from the state or child services to help them. Disgusting.

  8. Anonymous

    What was this girl thinking getting pregnant again in the first place? I am sorry she is in a bad place, but her daughter is better off in foster care right now.

  9. Anonymous

    ok I was a young mom (17) but I knew better than to leave dog crap just laying around really you could expect that from maybe a 4 yr old that doesn’t know any better.but a 17 yr old. Yes a loss of a child is alot to deal with I give her that, but what about that little girl isn’t she worth getting her crap together? And human feces what your so depressed you just take a crap where ever you want and leave it. I have 4 children now and I have made mistakes but I always put them first and that is what Ebony should have done. I sure hope she gets her crap together for the sake of that child.


    Too much for a 17-year-old to cope with? That’s why you don’t keep a child you aren’t equipped to raise. It’s called ADOPTION!!! There are always exceptions to the rule. I’m sure there are 17-year-old moms out there who handle curve balls without resorting to “self medication” and filthy living conditions. Under no circumstances should there be dog feces all over the place. I don’t care if the dog had 20 puppies. Sounds like some LAZY ASS kids! I can’t believe YOU ANON at 7:44. You must live in a unclean or at least messy living environment for you to make excuses for that kind of situation. If it’s “too hard” to clean up after a few puppies, then don’t have a dog and certainly not one who can get pregnant. This is so wrong on soooo many levels. JMHO!

  11. Anonymous

    The TMZ link says that Josh is stationed at Little Rock AFB, not in Colorado. And having your quarters covered in feces is a BIG NO NO!! Nevermind the drug possession charges! I am sure his chain of command is not happy at all!

    And I don’t see how they will move to Colorado just because he is under investigation in Arkansas. If they are moving there, he probably had orders to go there before this incident happened.

  12. Tina

    feces? I understand being to depressed to maybe clean … but feces? ewww … and the dog feces is one thing but human feces???
    I’m glad they got Jocelyn out so Ebony and Josh can get their lives together.

  13. Anonymous

    All of you should go take a look at the photos released by the police department. There wasn’t feces all over the house, so maybe now you will back off this child for half a second.

  14. Anonymous

    First off this is horrible poor baby.I have 4 kids had my first when i was 15 and when my baby got here i did everything in my power to keep my baby safe and clean i gave my cats away i had 3 cause i knew i wasnt going to keep up.Smoking weed wasnt going to help her take care of her kids there is way to cope with a loss of a baby i should know and her stupidity of smoking weed wasnt the way to cope.Thats a stupid excuse to use drugs.Am 19 and yes i smoke ciggs but never ever ever infront of my children i always smoke when am at college or when they are sleeping and i dont smoke inside my house either i smoke outside…i hope her mom gets custody poor baby girl it wasnt her fault i cant imagine the confusion she must be going thru.

  15. jacquie109

    I really hope that none of the people on here making judgements are christians, not really following the advise of your religion now are ya?
    Sometimes bad things happen and people cope in different ways, children shouldn’t be having children (myself included as I was a teen mom) but it happens. Being a teen mom doesn’t make you a bad mom, niether does going through severe depression. She made some mistakes, if she deals with the consequences like an adult, gets help with her depression and changes her behavior then she will become a better mother. I hope that she does and I hope she gets her daughter back, losing both her children would not make her a better person.

  16. Anonymous

    i was close to ebony in HS..seeing the exclusive pictures..and reading everything that has to do with all of this is just idk..horrible.i cant understand that this is the same ebony i knew for yrs..everytime i read or hear something new about it i just cant help but shake my head..im so confused/shocked..w/e..because i cant feel sorry for her i believe when you have a child their needs come before yours regardless of ANY situation..its life and ISH HAPPENS! bad/good..it all happens! its YOUR responsibility from the time you get pregnant to the time they are 18 that your child is now #1..its your actions that brought them into this world and its your full responsibility to make sure theyre properly taken care of..if you feel,know or have the slightest doubt that you might not be able to fulfill the needs then for the sake of YOUR child you need to take the role of a “parent” and do what needs to be done so the child CAN be properly taken care of..adoption..signing rights over..temporarily giving up the child for classes to be taken..or just not have sex at a young age where you tend to be clueless about things….honestly i havent been around ebony in the past yr or so and im not her..but i do have a 1 1/2 yr old myself..im young too..ive been a single mom..im saying i know what its like to feel back against the wall at times..but i also know “” theres a time to grow up..or grow out “” because in the end ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE! PERIOD! i just hope everything works out for the best for everyone especially that baby girl..whatever the final result is.

  17. Anonymous

    Ok… I have a 2 year old, and have lost 2 unborn children one at 21 weeks! I was obviously emotionally hit by the events but I am also a motehr and wife and need to take care of my FAMILY! there is NO excuse for the way that home was, that is unsanitary for everyone living there… As for the drugs, my husband is ALSO in the military, and regaurdless of who claimed the drugs, she should have KNOWN she was puting their life and HIS career in danger. Im sorry but that is unacceptable.

  18. Liz W.

    No excuses! She needs to clean up her act ASAP or suffer living the way she’s chosen…

  19. T-Rawwr

    I actually live on LRAFB in Arkansas and knew Ebony personally. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen her or J.J dirty, not groomed, or anything like that. The problem was Josh, he’s a complete dirt bag and was so hurtful and mean to her. I still don’t know why she cares so much about him, and he does the things he does. He didn’t allow her to go out much, and even kept her cell phone when she went on vacations so she couldnt talk to other guys. Completely crazy guy, and his selfishness destroyed their beautiful family.

  20. Anonymous

    I was young when I got preggers there’s no excuse …i dont care what anyone says everyone in life has issues I’ve had friends who’ve been through worse n weed doesnt make you want to deficate on the floor …or leave your house in shambles…that’s a copout…its so stupid that everyone is soo kind to ignorant n lazy ppl…no wonder y ppl are sooo messed up…tough love should be expidited here…

  21. Ateenmomwithherheadonhershoulders

    This girl is a disgrace and it’s mom’s like her that make the rest of us teen moms look bad! I know that being a teen mother is not the “ideal” situation.. but I took a bad situation and made the best of it and i got something beautiful out of it! I love my son so much and having a daughter as well, makes life even greater for me. Im a single mom, a student, and I’ve been diagnosed with depression.. I STILL have time to keep my house together! There is NO excuse for this! Ebony, you are effing disgusting!! I don’t understand why YOU would want to live in that, much less forcing your daughter to!

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