Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld Encourage Their Kids To Be Weird

“It’s fun to be funny,” and it’s even better to be weird. At least, that’s what comedian Jerry Seinfeld and wife, Jessica, are teaching their children – Shepherd, 6, Julian, 8, and Sascha, 10.

Appearing on stage for the first time together on Friday’s episode of Anderson (Jerry was in the audience when Jessica promoted her cookbook on Oprah), the couple talks to host Anderson Cooper about parenting, and why they think acting silly is an important part of life.

If it sounds like things could be a little exhausting living with a comedian, Jessica reveals that Jerry is “actually quiet at home,” adding that even though he’s “funny at the right times” and “funny at wrong times,” the former Seinfeld star is “a regular person.”

A regular person who wants his kids to be as silly as can be; even if it feels weird.

“I think it’s fun to be funny and I push it on the kids, too,” says Jerry, who admits that he tells his children, “Don’t be embarrassed. When you’re acting silly, it feels weird, but this is what makes life more fun.”

And Jessica couldn’t agree more, telling Cooper, “Weird is good,” and understanding that helps their kids appreciate and accept all of the unique people that they meet.

For more on Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s parenting ideals, Jerry’s hatred of all things reality TV, Twitter, and more, tune in to Anderson on Friday, September 23. Check your local listings for times and channels.

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