January Jones Keeps Mum On Who Xander’s Dad Is

January Jones is keeping the father of her newborn son Xander Dane a secret. According to TMZ, the actress left a blank spot on the space that states the father’s identity on Xander’s birth certificate.

The document, which was filed this past Friday, was obtained from the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

The Mad Men star gave birth on September 13. At the time of the announcement her rep stated, “Mom and baby are doing great.”

For now, January will be busy on her next movie, Seeking Justice. Her co-star will be Nicolas Cage with Tobey Maguire as producer.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why the media cares so much about who the daddy of this baby is.

  2. Andrea

    I’m so grossed out by the media’s obsession with this. She doesn’t want people to know. She’s made that very clear since day one. Time to move on.

  3. Anonymous

    SHE doesn’t know. Duh!

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re right! She doesn’t want to ruin all she has worked for by actually looking for the babys father. She thinks it will hurt her image and from her history she said it was very hard for her to break through in the industry because people said she wasnt pretty enough. I think one of those one night stands she was pictured leaving from around that time from various houses has resulted in her getting pregnant. Now she doesnt want to go asking those men to take a DNA test to see which one is… I think its really obvious… no one is that quiet… or he’s married!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s one thing to be curious. But it’s really crossing a line to go digging up the birth certificate. Just because something is publicly available doesn’t mean you should go looking for it. And this blog is complicit by republishing the information. Doesn’t anyone understand boundaries, decorum, or class anymore?

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. I don’t like the idea of public records or the ability to cyber stalk someone and their personal details. It’s gross, and an invasion of privacy. Celebrity and non.

      I really don’t care who the baby’s father is. I don’t care about Minnie Driver’s baby’s father either. And just because WE don’t know who they are doesn’t mean the children don’t know them.

  5. Grace

    I think it’s sick that TMZ (and the media at large) are trying to intrude into her personal life like this. It’s none of their business.

  6. Courtney

    Hello it’s because she’s semi famous and people look down on single mothers

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Courtney for stating the obvious. Do you think people don’t know why there’s interest? Of course we know. That’s not the issue. The issue is that no matter how interested anyone is, it’s still no one else’s business, and it’s incredibly distasteful to pursue it to the point of ordering the birth certificate.

  7. Europa

    It’s time for the media to mind their own business when it comes to the identify of this baby’s father. It’s invasive and rude to keep referring to it, like they’re trying to force her into revealing the information.

  8. Anonymous

    I bet she used a sperm donor, or the pregnancy resulted from a one-night stand and the father doesn’t want to be involved. Those are my guesses – obviously whoever the father is (if not a donor) wants nothing to do with the kid or he’d be on the birth certificate. I bet she’s just loving the publicity! I wish the media would leave her alone. She’s never going to reveal, so why waste everyone’s time?

    • Andrea

      Loving the publicity? Even before she became pregnant she was incredibly quiet and introverted and private for a public person. I doubt she’s loving any of this ridiculous speculation and bashing.

      • trilliant

        All famous people love publicity – it helps their careers and gets people talking about them which makes them more valuable. I highly doubt she was quiet and introverted before…she just wasn’t well known enough. If she didn’t want people talking about her and her baby’s daddy, she’d have her rep make a statement. She’s toying w/ the media. She’s not dumb. And no one’s “bashing” her for being a single mother, they’re just speculating about her situation. This is 2011 for crying out loud not the 1950s.

  9. Kate

    She is doing the same thing Minnie Driver did. I think if she can afford to raise a child all by herself without involving a man then good for her. Men cause trouble.

  10. Anonymous

    Kate@ what feminist world are you living in, I imagine from your comment if you give kids you keep them away from their father so sad.

  11. Ruby&Lucymomma

    I agree that the media is SOOO nosey!
    I just hope for the sake of the baby that he gets to learn who his father is, every child has the right to know where both sides of their DNA and heritage is from.
    I know a mother can do a wonderful job raising a child on her own, I just think every child should at least have some sort of positive male roll model. Lets hope that she at least gives that to him.

  12. Get With It

    What she is experiencing happens in non celebrity life as well. People have a difficult time minding their own business!

  13. January is a mother

    No she did not have a one night stand she is not like that.Jlo yes but
    January no! What next media when you find out who he is demand thsther he
    Spend time with the child and that they what get shared custody.this is why she
    Did not want the father of the child knowing that the media would start this.
    Find him right. It is great that you don’t have to put his name down. Privacy
    Law on all personal records.

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