Elizabeth Banks: “It Takes A Village”

When it comes to raising her 5-month-old son Felix, actress Elizabeth Banks says she’s thankful she doesn’t have to do it all on her own.

“I find it difficult!” Elizabeth tells Parade.com of her recent return to work. “I miss my son when I’m not with him, but I have great help. As people say, it takes a village. I’m a big believer in that. I grew up with my cousins and my aunts all around me. Now I live in Los Angeles where I have no family. You just have to find great help.”

It may be hard to leave little Felix, but Elizabeth reveals that her current project – she’s teamed with the American Heart Association to direct and star in a short film inspired by women who have been affected by heart disease titled Just a Little Heart Attack – is one that is near and dear to her.

“I thought it was a really strong idea that would appeal to women and be a great way to get the message out,” says the 37-year-old 30 Rock star. “We spoke to a very prominent female cardiac surgeon who said that she very rarely performs open-heart surgery on women because they don’t make it to the table. If found that very fascinating. We take care of everyone in our lives except for ourselves. I found that to be true in my own life. I think it’s just a quality that women all share — a little mothering quality that we all have. We literally do so many things before we get to our health. I just wanted to draw attention to that and make women think a little bit about taking care of themselves first.”

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