Hugh Jackman: Adoption Was Our Destiny

Hugh Jackman is one of our very favorite famous dads, but in a new interview with the Herald Sun he reveals that his journey to fatherhood wasn’t an easy one.

Looking forward to starting a family, Hugh recalls the disappointment he and his wife Deborra Lee Furness felt when they discovered they couldn’t conceive.

“It was painful. It’s not easy. You put a lot of time and effort into it, so it’s emotional. I think any parent can relate – trying to have children is wonderful and when you feel as though that’s not going to happen, there’s a certain anxiety that goes with it.”

The Wolverine star says that he and Deborra had always planned on adopting, but when they “decided we’d had enough of ivf” it ended up happening sooner than they’d expected.

As it turns out, the handsome actor reveals, adoption was their destiny all along.

“From the moment we started the adoption process, all the anxiety went away. I don’t think of them [son Oscar, 11, and daughter Ava, 6] as adopted – they’re our children. Deb and I are believers in … I suppose you could call it destiny. We feel things happened the way they are meant to. Obviously, biologically wasn’t the way we were meant to have children. Now, as we go through life together, sure there are challenges, but everyone’s in the right place with the right people. It sounds airy-fairy, but it’s something we feel very deeply.”

So is their family-of-four now complete? Well… probably.

“We thought we’d have a number of kids. But travelling and being hands-on parents, which is what we try to be, isn’t easy,” he admits. “That conversation hasn’t been tabled for about 12 months, which is probably a good way of saying it’s not going to happen.”

It may not always be easy, but the devoted dad is quick to add that it is well worth it.

“Kids are the greatest joy. No matter what’s going on in the day, you can walk in that front door and it all goes away. Particularly with Ava – she’s a mini-Deb and so funny. She said to me the other day, ‘I’m just like Mum. I’m always right!’ And you know what? She is.”

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  • musiclover

    I am a mother of a 14 year-old boy, who I was blessed to adopt at birth, and I totally understand the “it was destiny” thing. I found out as a young teenager that I couldn’t have children, but it didn’t really didn’t start bothering me until I got married…I guess because usually, after marriage you start a family. I was so sad, a little angry and felt like I was a failure because I couldn’t couldn’t give my husband a child, but mostly I just couldn’t imagine not being a mother. All those feelings disappeared the moment I held my son for the first time in that hospital. I just felt in that instant, that it was destiny…that I was meant to be the mother of THIS little boy. Even though I have a very open adoption arrangement with his birth mother, and I adore her…I have never felt that my son was adopted. He is my son, who just came into my life a different way.

    • Anonymous

      musiclover, I love your story.

      Anonymous, I’ve never heard rumors about Hugh being gay. Not that I care, but I choose not to believe that.

  • Anonymous

    as I do think they are great parents yet I wish they would stop lying to everybody as to why they adopted. owing up about your sexuality is only going to teach your kids that you should not make believe for the sake of publicity.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? Why do you think he is lying? I don’t understand…

    • Anonymous

      Unless you yourself (1) are male; and (2) have inserted one of your body parts into one of Hugh Jackman’s orifices, you have no idea what his sexuality is.

    • Huh?

      I find it a bit ironic that you want someone to talk about their sexuality yet choose to make your accusation under the cover of “anonymous.” First of all, you and no one else has the right to demand to know what a person’s sexual orientation is. That is the choice of each individual. Second, you have no proof what his sexual orientation is – you are repeating rumors. I don’t know what his orientation is nor does it matter to me. What is clear from the interviews I have seen with Hugh Jackman is that he loves his wife deeply as he has stated many times. By the way, your last sentence makes little sense, even if you read it as “owning” rather the “owing” you wrote.

  • Anonymous

    To the PP saying they couldn’t conceive because he is gay – even if he IS gay, they could still conceive through IUI or IVF. And there are several articles saying they did several rounds of IVF and suffered two miscarriages – so maybe check your facts before writing stuff. And who cares if he’s gay or not gay? His sexuality is none of our business. He seems like a great father, and I think that was the whole point of this article.

    • Dana

      A gay man can, in fact, still have sex with a woman, if he’s even a little bit bisexual, which a lot of gay men are. Which is how they manage to stay in the closet and pretend they’re straight for many, many years and marry and have kids before finally coming out of the closet.

      But Jackman isn’t a father. He’s a baby-buyer. Did you know “his” kids are from the U.S.? That’s right. Americans saying “we must adopt internationally because there are no babies here”–sure there are babies, we’re shipping them off to Australia and Ireland! Like they were toys!

  • Tiffany

    Wonderful family:) Anon..what do you mean about them lying about their sexuality?

  • Courtney

    @Annonymous I don’t think They’re lying at all we don’t know the whole story

  • Audrey

    After taking 13 years to have our grandson and finding out that there would be no more bios, my daughter and son-in-law jumped quickly into adoption mode. It was an open adoption that happened very fast with our family blessed with a newborn girl. The only time we even remember that she is adopted is when someone asks where she got her curly hair. My daughter just smiles and says “from her birth mother”. The whole adoption happened so easy and quick it seems that it was just meant to be.

  • Rana

    i love them so much,and i wish i could make a family like they have one day:)

  • Cristin

    I find anonymous’ comments disgusting and ignorant, here a man is talking about his wonderful family and she decides he adopted because he is gay?!? I hate to tell you that gay men have babies the old fashioned way all the time. I am the daughter of a gay man and since I was born a before IVF was even discovered so it is possible.

  • Adopted

    Calling it ‘destiny’ is really awful for his ‘kids’.

    The Jackmans promised their son’s mother that they would have an open adoption if she agreed to an adoption. They lied. She was so distraught, she committed suicide.

    Wonder how their son feels about he and his dead mother’s ‘destiny’.

    These people are just selfish! Buying babies is not destiny!

    • musiclover

      Yeah…this story came from The Enquirer, which as we all know is such a reliable source of information, lol!

      • Dana

        “Birth mothers” do sometimes commit suicide over the loss of their children. The “birth mother” who relinquished her baby to the author of Fast Track Adoption killed herself after learning that the author had played her like a fiddle. Adopters play games with pregnant women’s lives from day one and then 80 percent of open adoptions close, I believe the stats I read said that happens in the first year. The mother’s already grieving the loss of her baby. You think being lied to on top of that is exactly *conducive* to her mental health?

        You don’t hear about this stuff in the straight press because when someone wants a child out of us it’s all “you are so brave and selfless” but as soon as you’ve got the kiddo, it’s all “you should have kept your legs closed” and “I could never let my child go like that, you must be heartless” and “You try to keep in too much contact with me and I don’t like it, I think I’ll move and change my phone number and not notify the agency.”

        This is what infertile sociopaths call “building a family.” And does it ever occur to them they’ll have to answer to the adoptee someday? Nah, of course not. If the brat gets too out of hand they’ll just disown him or her. You wouldn’t believe how many adoptees I’ve run into online with stories like that. WOW ADOPTION IS A MIRACLE

    • Audrey

      It’s not buying a baby. Adoption is very expensive. If you are curious just go to the adoption sites and they will give you estimated costs. Adoption is a lovely form of destiny and the Enquirer and such are only printed rags.

      • Dana

        “It’s not buying a baby. Adoption is very expensive.”

        Are you even listening to yourself?

        Adopting from foster care isn’t expensive at all. And I thought it was supposed to be finding a family for a child who has NONE. Having a mom in a crisis situation does not mean having no family. Do you really want to help kids or do you just want to help yourself?

    • Vicki stuart

      I agree. Jackman and his wife about the open adoption. No wonder Oscar’s mother suicided. How cruel are these people. They did not give a damn about that poor woman. And now they’re trying to ensure many others suffer the same fate by pushing adoption. The federal government apology is not yet a year old and these two extremely selfish people have made a total mockery of it.u

    • vicki stuart

      Definitely agree – anybody who adopts and agrees to an open adoption and then closes it is nothing more than a deceitful liar. Adoptive parents do NOT belong on a pedestal – they are sourcing babies for their own needs. If it was about the kids they would be trying to keep mums and bubs together. Seriously over the Furness – Jackman bullshit bandwagon!

  • Shame On Hugh And His Wife

    Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness are hypocrites. Few know about the open adoption agreement Hugh and Deborah had with their now adopted child Oscar’s biological mother. Hugh and Deborah promised an open adoption and then broke their promise while taking the child back to Australia with them. The biological mother in her greatest despair committed suicide.

    Hugh Jackman one of Hollywoods doting dads? One of your favorite famous dads? Perhaps he will not be now that you all know the truth about how Hugh and his wife Deborah Lee Furness pulled a fast one on one of their adopted children’s mothers.

    I wonder how Deborah Lee Furness would feel if she had a child of her own and some “famous” couple did that to her? I wonder if she would go on tooting her horn about how much she does for orphans all over the world, or toots her and Hugh’s horns about how many millions they donate to orphans?

    All the millions they ever could give will never bring back Oscar’s biological mother. Oscar will never see his mother again, and his mother has been permanently deprived of experiencing all the joys of what a mother should experience with her child, courtesy of famous dad Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborah Lee Furness, who are hypocrites that steal a child away from it’s mother.

    The adoption took place in the United States, then shortly after Hugh and Deborah had the child, they fled back to Australia and announced to the mother of Oscar that Oscar would not be coming back. The young mother then killed herself. Is this how so called “humanitarian” Hugh Jackman portrays himself as some super dad who actually loves people? Where is that love in such a selfish act?

    Inside information reveals that Hugh Jackman has been cursed for this and an inside source of a friend of a friend of Hugh Jackman’s reveals more details about effects of the curse on Hugh Jackman that is now coming to light and we will see more of that in public, in the days and weeks to come. Recently on Oprah, Hugh suffered an injury to his eye, something that would normally never happen to the action actor.

    The family of the young mother that committed suicide when Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness stole her child did not take that act of selfishness very lightly, as Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness are going to see.

    What goes around comes around.

  • Is it true the mother of the child hugh adopted killed her self after hugh and his wife backed out of original adoption agreements made with the mother…..then to save face all media have been hushed from the story……wanna see the screen shots I collected before the story qas pulled ….mmmmmm….

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