Usher: No Rock Star Schedule For My Kids

Usher may be an international superstar, but when it comes to his kids he strives to keep their home lives as down-to-earth as possible. The OMG singer recently talked about making sure his kids – Usher Raymond V, 3, and two-year-old Naviyd – keep a normal bedtime routine in spite of their dad’s crazy schedule.

“What parent doesn’t have a hard time when their kid doesn’t want to go to bed?,” he says. “But I’ve been practicing. I’ve got a routine down pat with them – we read books, say our prayers and then it’s lights out for bed, after which they might ask for a glass of water or milk. You might think that the standard is a bit different for a rock star dad!”

“My boys have inherited my late-night personality and would love to blast their music and jump on tables if I let them,” Usher laughed.

And though he’s sold more than million albums worldwide in his career, the proud dad cites fatherhood as his greatest achievement. “Given the adversity I’ve had in my life, I’m just happy to be alive, kicking and loving life the way that I am. But really my proudest accomplishment is having my sons,” he says.

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