Angelina Jolie & Gwen Stefani’s Hollywood Playdate!

It’s a Hollywood playdate…in Europe!

A-list mamas Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani got the gang together on Monday (September 26). With Shiloh and Kingston, both 5, leading the way, the large group were seen leaving Gwen’s London home.

And it looks like the kids got into the markers! Look at the lovely markings left on Shiloh and Kingston’s gorgeous faces! Too cute!

While there was no sign of Gwen’s youngest son Zuma, 3, the paparazzi caught pics of Angie’s daughter Zahara, 6, and the 3-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne.

Wish we could have been there!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/Flynet/Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Zuma is there he in nannies arms behind Angelina.

    How cute are they and I don’t think it’s markers on the kids faces but Gwen’s make up , Shiloh and Kingston look like they went to war on each other while it Vivienne got some on to dress up her little face, anyway it seems like everyone had a good time.

    Anonymous 5:12pm@ I was thinking the same thing Shi looks like she grow since the last time she what photograph walking about.

  2. Anonymous

    beautiful kids and mothers

  3. SMH

    At first I was thinking omg why is that little girl wearing makeup then I notice they all have it and was thinking they must of had some kind of fun with makeup or dress up. What a kick azz hollywood playdate lol

  4. Anonymous

    Zahara very cute! The twins are beautiful to look Shi. How high and Shi is beautiful when she grows up will be a beautiful woman! I think Kingston was enchanted by it. OMG 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    They look a happy and creative bunch 🙂

    BUT, am I the only person freaked out by the intrusion of these photos??? The kids are inside in some and coming out the door in others. Being British, it only makes me more ashamed of our gutter press. Set up photo ops are one thing, or being out where everyone can see… but seriously??

    • Ondine

      I agree. It looked like this whole great play date came crashing to an end the minute the door opened the the photographers intruded. Can’t we let them live their lives in peace and for the public and photographers to be content w/ posed photos? The weight of the public scrutiny these families are under must be incredible ever minute of their waking days. It can’t be good for anyone but the photographers who must make good money to hunt and plague celebrities like they do.

    • Cat M

      Do you really think this was not photo op? Nannies strategically placed BEHIND the moms. Okay……………

  6. Colleen

    Even the moms look much happier than I have seen them in any photo. A truly happy time they must of had.
    What fun!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Vivienne is going to be stunningly beautiful. Just look at her face!

  8. gbaby

    shiloh knox and vivienne almost look like triplets

  9. anonymous

    Honestly i don’t know if this is the first time i’ve ever seen Angelina hanging out with another female celeb. Usually it’s just her and Brad.

  10. Anonymous

    The kids look like Angelina.

  11. nicoleC

    Vivienne and Knox are their parent’s mini-me !

  12. Sweet

    Vivi and knox and shiloh so beautiful kids lol i love 3 kids

  13. Anonymous

    Shi, Knox and Viv really look like triplets. They look so much like their mum. Kingston and Shi look so at ease with each other. hard to imagine that Kingston is only one day older than Shi. They both have grown so much and are just as tall. Viv looks so stunningly beautiful with all that make-up she has. She´s gonna be a stunning beauty when she grows up. So wonderful to see that Gwen and Angie have remained such a close friendship. Can´t wait to see the families interacting more now that the JPs are in London. Wonder where Mad and Pax were. Maybe they were having some quality time with Brad the dad.

  14. Anonymous

    Wow. Gwen looks pretttier than Ang. Wouldn’t have guessed that

  15. Anonymous

    cute kids. I don’t get why ppl think Shiloh, Viv & Knox are identical, they don’t look alike at all to me…

  16. Joel

    Knox more like larry birkhead nothing like brad or angelina lol

  17. Elena

    They are adorable! They must have had a really great time playing all together! I also don’t don’t see such a big similarity between Viv, Knox and Shi, they are all beautiful in their own way. 🙂 But, I do notice how Vivienne got her mama’s eye colour! They are all going to be so beautiful.

  18. SiervaMaria

    Love it. Kingston is cracking me up! It’s cool how he and Shiloh are like a day apart and the twins and Zuma are also very close in age. Kids from the same lifstyle experience being friends can’t hurt.

    Knox is a DOLL! Such an interestingly handsome looking lil dude. Something very cool about him. Zee is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS. Her almond eyes and au naturale crown are simply beautiful. Shi and Viv are like Brad and Angie each poured half of themselves into a mold and the girls are what they got. Gwen has the most beautiful smile just like her friend Angie. Got a feeling the two crews had a blast together.

  19. Anonymous

    Knox is all Angelina. Vivienne looks like Brad. Shiloh looks a lot of like Angie. Gwen is cute , but Angelina is beautiful

  20. Anonymous

    Knox is a doll. He is ALL Angelina. Shiloh looks like her mom and Vivienne looks just like BRad. Gwen is cute , Angelina gorgeous

  21. Paige

    They all just too cute. I mean the pic of them getting out of the van ,standing together just melts my heart. Knox is all Angie with daddy’s facial expressions and blue eyes. Viv is a mix of Angie with her lips bone structure and eye color, Brad and Jon voight. Shiloh is a mix but is more Brad than Angie. She is so tall. Zee got her ears pierced.

  22. Anonymous

    Both couples were both in Cannes and where photograph have dinner together, and in LA their neighbors. A couple of weeks ago Angelina had dinner with her friend Holly Goline there are photos, Holly and Angelina have been friends for close to 10 years and she was at the kung fu panda 2 premiere with her daughter and actress Jillian Armenante another very good friend of Angelina and godmother of Maddox was at the premiere with her daughter also. Angelina was in Holly’s wedding years ago; Holly was the lady with Jon Voight with the kids in London. Another friend is the lady and her two kids that were seen with Angelina Pottery shop weeks ago and was seen with both Shi and Z at the London Eye, there are photos of both families out at dinner together. It just goes to show that we only see a small percentage of celebrity lives and just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean Angelina has no friends just that she tries to keep it privet.

  23. Anonymous

    Shiloh and Knox look just like Angelina but Vivivienne looks like Brad

  24. Anonymous

    They all look so cute!

    But….I wonder if Angie likes Bush? *shudders*

    I’ve always been a No Doubt Fan though.

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