Jamie Oliver: “My Wife Doesn’t Get What I Do”

Food Revolution star Jamie Oliver may be trying to tackle the world’s obesity epidemic single-handedly, but the 36-year-old restauranteur admits that all his efforts have definitely put a strain on his marriage.

The health conscious chef – who is daddy to Poppy Honey, 9, Daisy Boo, 8, Petal Blossom, 2, and Buddy Bear, 1 – admits that his jam packed work schedule and endless campaigns have his wife of 11 years, Jools, 37, very frustrated, claiming that she doesn’t truly “get” what he does.

“‘We love each other to bits, but I don’t think marriage is easy,” The Naked Chef admits. ‘We’re sort of caught in a bit of a rut. She doesn’t necessarily get every project that I do.”

Oliver continues to discuss his personal struggles balancing his work load with his home life, revealing that no matter how much time he takes off from his jobs, it never seems be enough.

I take sufficient weekends and holidays a year for any British woman, but that doesn’t mean I get thanked. I get asked to take more,’ he said. ‘You could get another week off a year and it wouldn’t make any difference. You’d still get a b******ing. ‘I get a b******ing all the time and I’m on seven weeks’ holiday a year, with most weekends off.”

Despite their disagreements, the cook book author admits that “she’s a wonderful person, kind, and she’s very sweet and sensitive and caring. She is an amazing mum.”

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  • Anonymous

    I feel like this is pretty disrespectful…I wouldn’t want my husband talking about me like that.

  • ZaraB

    I don’t think Jools is going to like it when she read this! I hope their marriage is okay – it’s always seemed so strong, and they seem genuinely made for each other. I’ve read Jools’s wonderful book ‘Minus Nine to One’ (highly recommended, especially if you’re pregnant or planning a family) and am a huge fan of Jamie, his cooking and all the wonderful work he does to change the way Britons and Americans eats, but I can’t imagine it’s easy for them to juggle his crazy workload, and for her to take care of four young children…

  • Anonymouse

    Um, this is horrible. He’s missing the point too… no one complains about their partner not taking enough time off if they didn’t care about them and want to be around them more. Besides she has FOUR kids with him, wanting more time with their dad is a given.

    I’ve lost a bit of respect for him to be honest :/

  • Anonymous

    I hope he was somehow misquoted. But, it’s probably not easy for her being left at home with the kids constantly while he jets around. Just because he takes 7 weeks a year off (which is something I’m sure many of us with busy working partners wish would happen) but that doesn’t mean he is around for all the ‘regular’ stuff. Then again, if he didn’t do what he does, she wouldn’t be living the life of luxury I’m sure she’s got going on. Money and success come at a price.

  • Nina Mike

    Well, this is a son of a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t have 4 kids and be left at home for days at a time….its got to be hard for her. I am sure she has help…but its not her husband! If they are unhappy…I hope they at least stop having children.

    • Get With It

      So agree with your comment! And to me it sounds like hes wanting out and is surprised at her trying to change the life she knew he lived!

  • Anonymous

    Really, 7 weeks holiday and most weekends off. I think that’s a lot. And in the real world (not celebrity world) you don’t often get 7 weeks a yr in holidays or every weekend off. She should consider herself lucky that she doesn’t have to have four kids in day care and go to a full time job. Then she would never see him, because she would want to sleep when she wasn’t working. I think his comments are like any mans comments. Incuding my husband. I doubt she will be offended-They weren’t as bad as you all thought they were.

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