Kourtney Kardashian: “I Like To Do It All”

What a great mom!

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian may be one busy mommy these days but the 32-year-old D-A-S-H co-owner always makes time for her son. Kourtney opens up to xoJane.com and dishes about bringing her one-year-old son Mason to social events, admitting when she needs a little help, and the daily difficulties she faces balancing work and motherhood.

Although the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet admits that she likes to be a hands-on mom 24/7, her demanding work schedule often affects her desire to be a no-nanny woman.

“I do have help,” the beautiful brunette admits. “But I don’t like to have help. Because I like to do it all, but it’s like balancing work. I would say my biggest challenge as a mom is balancing work with being a mom. Because I love to just be with Mason all day. And luckily, with our work I can. He is with me most of the time when we are filming, you know, whatever stuff.”

Kourtney – who has been dating Mason’s father Scott Disick for quite some time – continues to reveal that when she is unable to take Mason on the job with her, she makes sure to set up things for him to do while she is gone.

“But like today we are doing press for our Sears collection literally all day long from 6 am until 10 pm tonight. But also Scott’s there with him — like I’ve set things up. Like he has a play date with a little girlfriend today. So I set things up so he is busy. But I do have help, though I like to do like as much as I can. If I have a day off, that’s when I don’t have any help.”

Kourtney claims that social events, such as dinners out with friends, do not dictate babysitters.

If it’s not a work thing — if I’m going out to dinner with my friends, I don’t have someone watch him. I don’t, like, go get a massage and have someone watch him. If I go to dinner he comes with me.

So how does this busy mama of one keep her love life strong? With date night of course!

“Scott and I just set a once-a-week date night,” she says, “but it took me this long to set [last night’s date].Because I always bring Mason with me to dinner.”

Kourtney continues to reveal that, like many moms out there, she feels guilty leaving little Mason behind while she steps out with Scott for some one-on-one time together but having the support – and babysitting privileges – of her family makes it more bearable.

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