Sara Ramirez: “The Clock Is Ticking & I Totally Hear It!”

Grey’s Anatomy starlet Sara Ramirez may be playing mommy to her character’s daughter on the TV series, but the actress admits that the role has her thinking about the possibility of motherhood – and where that would fit in with her career.

“I’m very aware of how old I am and I’m very aware of what that means in terms of statistics, and so, yes, I’m considering it,” the 36-year-old actress admits to Latina. “The clock’s ticking, and I totally hear it!”

Sara adds that she now feels she knows herself much better and what she wants out of her life, claiming she’s glad she didn’t have kids at a younger age.

What I’m grateful for is that I waited this long. Having one because I’m 20-something and my parents are telling me I should and everybody’s pressuring me—there’s tons of reasons why people have children and whether anybody agrees with it or not, I think at the end of the day, I’m a much more giving person in my 30’s than I would’ve been in my 20’s for sure. I’ll be a lot clearer about who I am and what I want and how to give unconditional love and attention to a child.”

The actress – who is engaged to longtime love Ryan Debolt – explains that although she may have babies on the brain, she realizes the gravity of the situation itself.

“I’m not expressing anything negative or positive about it necessarily,’ she reveals. “I’m definitely thinking about it—I will say that. I’m thinking about it, and I’m really taking it very seriously, because I feel that when you bring a child into the world, it’s a very, very big responsibility.”

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