LeAnn Rimes Blogs: “It’s Not Easy Being A Stepparent”

Self-described “bonus mom” LeAnn Rimes is opening up about the joys and challenges of being a stepparent to her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s sons Mason, 8, and Jake, 4.

In a new blog post titled “No Step About It,” the crooner writes, “It’s not easy being a stepparent, taking on a mother or father role in your new blended family and household. It can be incredibly intimidating…. As a parent you try everything in your power to make it easy on the kids, to make them feel like there’s more love than they could ever imagine, not less.”

She admits it’s not always easy: “There are many obstacles to overcome… two households with different rules, many different personalities and opinions that can pose issues at times. But it’s important to take the highroad for the kids’ sake and ultimately for your own.”

Though LeAnn says that she treats the boys “as if they are my own,” she makes a point of noting that she would never try to replace their mother.

“Eddie has always encouraged me to look at us as a family and a part of our family are the two beautiful boys that we share with their mother and hopefully one day another wonderful man,” she writes, adding, “One thing I know, is that I will never replace their mother, I would never try. I will however love them with all I have and do everything in my power to help raise them in a loving, safe and proper environment.”

LeAnn, who married Eddie earlier this year, concludes the post by writing, “These two little boys came into my life for a reason and I think I came into theirs for a reason too. And through all the challenges I speak of, we’ve found an amazing relationship full of laughter, respect and love. It’s beyond rewarding to be able to help Eddie raise the boys and shape their lives. I take my role very seriously and I’m proud of the peaceful, loving environment Eddie and I have created for our family in our household. Society will always call me a stepmom, the boys will call me Le, but in our house, in our family, we remove the ‘step.’ We really are all… simply family.”

Jake and Mason’s mom Brandi Glanville has also been making headlines this week – she made her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night.

What do you think of LeAnn’s post?

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  • Anonymous

    They’re in for a tough road ahead when those boys learn (if they don’t know already) that she is the person their dad cheated on their mom with.

    • Victoria

      What you said, but also, and I’m not trying to be mean, but her words are just so as if she didn’t help their father cheat on their mother, lol. I’m not one of those people trying to rehash anything or bash her, but the way she talks sometimes, is just incredulous. “These boys came into my life for a reason”, all I can think is yeah right. I’m sorry, like I said I’m not trying to be mean or rehash, but come on.

  • Anonymous

    It might be easier for her if she started wearing something on the bottom half of her body.

  • Anonymous

    “amazing relationship full of laughter, respect and love.”
    If she had “respect” for these young boys, she would not have slept with their father who was, at the time, MARRIED to their mother!

    • Ondine

      Yes I chuckled when I saw her use of the word “respect.” I’m sure the boys will grow up to fully respect the step-mother who commited adultery w/ their father and broke up their home, just as they must have been forced to respect Daddy’s girlfriend after he left Mommy behind to take up w/ a richer girl.

  • Anonymous

    The reason those boys came into your life is because you inserted yourself into someone else’s marriage and wouldn’t leave. The didn’t come into your life Leann, you came into theirs – by force (stalking).

    She is so delusional it’s astounding.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, this is just getting plain disgusting. What baffles me the most is why some media outlets continue to glorify Leann Rimes as she exloits those two innocent boys. So the day before Leann Rimes album is set to be released on Itunes and in stores she writes this blog about her oh so happy family? And rather than call her out for using those kids to promote herself and album release, once again the media glorifies this behavior from Leann Rimes?

    This is just plain wrong and rather than posting what she wrote about those kids, perhaps everyone should be asking why Leann Rimes is even posting about Eddie’s Cibrian’s kids considering that

    a) Eddie Cibrian threatened to sue his ex-wife if his kids made cameos on her show

    b) Eddie Cibrian stated: “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”

    So how does the media reconcile this huge discrepency? You have Eddie Cibrian stating that his kids should not experience ANY TYPE of public exposure, but isn’t that exactly what is going on here with Leann’s blogs and tweets, which as we can see are being posted on several blogs and media outlets?

    c) Eddie Cibrian- “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”

    Once again we must question why this blog entry came a day before Leann’s album release? So according to EC own words, which contradicts LR blog entry, this blog entry was all done so that Leann Rimes could get more media attention for herself.

    d) Eddie Cibrian stated: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi

    So how exactly is EC protecting his kids when he allows his wife to post things about his kids which as we can see ends up as gossip in tabloids and pap sites?

    Those kids came into Leann’s life because she slept with a married man, exposed her affair to US weekly when EC wasn’t moving as fast as would have liked.

    It would be nice if these sites would start calling EC and LR out on their nonsense rather than glorify it.

    • Janna

      Oh great. You again.

      • Anonymous

        Hi STACE2U

        Oh great, Leann has sent YOU here again. So does that mean Leann will be sending this site another staged photo-op?

        Or were you just preparing the way because this site was going to release another one of LR interviews in which she talks about those kids?

        I love how Leann has to send her pr people to do damage control whenever she is releasing something else to this site.

  • Heart

    I think LeAnne needs to just keep this stuff private. Anyone who has been had to blend famlies knows that it’s difficult. The key thing is knowing your role and how far to take it. At the end of the day, those kids have a mother and a father. It’s not like the mother passed away or is absent in their lives. I think her issue is still having to deal with a mother who is ACTIVELY involved in her children’s lives..she may want to talk to Eddie about having a family of their own.

  • Janna

    Is there EVER going to be an article about this woman that doesn’t revolve SOLELY around the fact that she cheated on her husband?

    I mean, her husband is over it. He’s married again for heaven’s sake. Why are so many people here calling for her head repeatedly over this one thing? (And yes, I do understand it’s immoral, wrong, mean, terrible etc etc. etc. I just think it’s enough already.

    I expect someday to read an article about her turning 50 and joing AARP, and posters will still be commenting that she cheated on her husband.

    • NYC Mommy

      Amen Janna- I totally agree. Enough is enough already. Some people on this message board act like it happened to them personally. Obviously not the best way to start and/or end relationship and it is all water under the bridge now. Important thing to do now is make sure the kids feel loved and are not put in the middle of any bad blood.

      • Victoria

        Actually besides that comment from Anonymous no one was being mean or calling for her head. But she’s the one who offers up the info on her life, in these little blogs that she does, so you can’t expect people to not voice their opinions.

        • NYC Mommy

          Victoria- I myself have no problem with people offering their opinions (whether I agree or not) but if you are a regular on this website you would know everytime there is an article about LeeAnn R. people go buck wild. Especially our long winded “friend” ANONYMOUS.

          • Anonymous

            Stace2U, the person whom Leann Rimes Skypes with on a regular basis,

            You do have problems with people offering their opinions about LR bad behavior, it’s why you show up like this whenever this site is going to release something about LR to lecture others on how they should respond to LR attention seeking.

            Wrong, you go buck wild, posting under several different names, calling other posters names, and of course getting mad because someone would dare point out the hypocrisy of it all.

            So STACE2U, will LR be releasing a staged photo-op with EC sons to this site because it’s rather interesting that you go buck wild whenever that is about to happen?

          • Anonymous

            I think people are upset not because she cheated on her husband, but because she and Eddie cheated on the mother of his kids. It may be water under the bridge for Leann Rimes and her ex-husband, but it’s probably not for the children who may have to live for years to come with the woman who caused the breakup of their family. That’s not to say that Leann was the only responsible party. Eddie bears an especially personal responsibility for the offense committed against the family that he presumably loves and cares for.

        • Anonymous

          Janna/NYC Mommy is Stace2U, that’s the person who Leann Rimes Skypes with all the time. Everytime Leann is planning on releasing something to this site, these “two” show up to lecture others. on how we should move on and let it go. As you can see this site posted Leann’s interview from Ellen today. Need we say more about the presence of these so called “LR supporters”?

      • Anonymous

        @NYC Mommy.

        We know that YOU take it VERY personally when someone challenges or even questions LR and EC.

        The best way to make sure the kids were loved was for LR and EC to stop exploiting those kids. But LR has an album to promote and obviously some media outlets find it’s cute that a grown 29 yo woman would use those two kids just to get people to buy her album. Rather than call her and EC out, the continually tell us that this is cute.

        It’s not cute. It’s not adorable. It’s sad. How are LR and EC any different than people who traffic kids because that is exactly what is going on her.

    • Anonymous


      Funny that you would say that because didn’t LR give an interview on Ellen when she once again talks about her affair with EC? So if LR doesn’t want people to talk about her affair, then why does she give yet another interview about it?

      Eddie isn’t over it, it’s why LR works so hard to look like EC ex-wife. So basically you are upset because people are not buying into the notion that EC and LR are happily married? Why should they? If EC would continually allow LR to exploit his kids after stating that he didn’t want them exposed to the media, why would anyone believe that they are in love?

      You only think it’s enough because this blog entry about the kids didn’t get the ohs and ahs LR was hoping to get. It was met with backlash.

      There is one major problem with your own logic, LEANN RIMES is still talking about her affair, so why would anyone else not?

      Seriously, LR needs better pr people.

    • Anonymous

      Well STACE2U, if Leann doesn’t want to be remembered for her affair, then perhaps she should stop talking about her affair and stop trying to convince everyone that her relationship with that cheater and child exploitater is a rainbows and sunshine. You can’t keep getting mad because people won’t respond to LR constant attention seeking by glorifying her bad behavior. She is wrong and if she is going to keep thrusting her marriage and those kids into the spotlight people have a right to express their opinions. She wrote that blog, and now you want to blame people because they question how could EC be in love with LR when he doesn’t even protect his own kids from LR constant need to exploit them?

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how come Janna and NYC Mommy arrived posting in this thread just min apart?

    Has anyone else noticed that?That these LR defenders always show up on sites at about the same time. Why is that?

  • Andie

    I don’t get why some “press” keep posting about LeAnn and Eddie’s boys…

    She’s NOT their mother, she doesn’t need to try so damn hard to replace their mom, once the woman’s not dead and she plays an active role in her boys lives.

    The kids’ MOTHER and FATHER only, no one else, are the ones to raise them. They’re the ones who have to set the rules together, with no interference whatsover. Especially NOT from the woman who has no moral standards to tell them what they are or aren’t allowed to do.

    Even stepmoms who have nothing to do with their husbands’ break up should be humble enough to know their place and perform their role in such way they will never get in the way of the kids’ moms.

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