Liev Schreiber & Son Hail A Cab


Actor Liev Schreiber was spotted on the streets of Manhattan on Tuesday (September 27), teaching his 4-year-old son, Sasha, the fine art of hailing a cab. And Sasha appears to be taking his lesson very seriously.

After a little practice, Sasha got the job done! A taxi eventually stopped, and the twosome got a ride.

Not bad for a 4-year-old! Now he can show his younger brother, Kai, 2, the ropes.

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Photo credit: Fame


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  1. Iris

    Cute picture! Sascha looks so determent to hail that cab! I see both Naomi and Liev in him.

  2. F.A.J

    Sasha is 1 BLONDY CUTIE!!! He looks like an angel.

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