Report: Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant

Jessica Simpson is expecting her first child, In Touch Weekly reports.

Tongues were wagging when the 31-year-old singer recently attended the 32nd birthday party of her fiancé, Eric Johnson, where she sent back her glass of champagne for a birthday toast. As it turns out, the couple are expecting baby No. 1, a source close to Jessica and Eric tells In Touch.

“She’s already having kooky cravings!” a friend says, especially nacho chips dipped in chocolate — “which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet” — cheese-flavored popcorn as well as non-alcoholic margaritas.

Reportedly, despite the fact that there will be one more “guest” – and that “Jessica might have to take out her dress a bit” – the couple still plans to wed this November.

The friends says the couple considers the baby to be “the best wedding gift ever.” Jess is said to be due in the spring.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Uh huh. Not believing until there’s confirmation! Especially since this is from In Touch!

    • Anonymous

      You normally have the inside scoop – can’t you check it out with one of your contacts?

  • Lizbet

    Congrats to Jessica! How amazing! Isn’t In Touch reliable? They were the ones who broke the Sandra Bullock story

    • Anonymous

      Intouch is probably the LEAST reliable source. It is pure trash, like the people who read it.
      They just got lucky with the Sandra Bullock story because they paid someone off.

  • Anonymous

    Well yay if its true. Lets see if she can come up with something cooler than Bronx

  • Anonymous

    Yahoo!!!! So happy for her:)

  • Anonymous

    If by “pregnant” you mean “chubby”, then yes, she is.

  • Anonymous

    I was looking around–People magazine hasn’t commented. I think they are the most “legit” gossip-news-source. We’ll see..

    • Anonymous

      “the most “legit” gossip-news-source” – if it weren’t for the (appropriate) inclusion of the word gossip, I’d be ROTFLMAO – People is as much a rag as all the rest, celebs just use it more to tell their story.

  • Anonymous


  • Lydiaferguson

    ONE WORD——————STUPID OLD —————

  • Annie123

    I’m going for TRUE this time. It was a blind item on Dlisted a while ago.

    • Anonymous

      I saw that too. I’m going to say true.

  • Lioness

    I’ll believe it when TMZ announces…

  • Anonymous

    i believe it when she confirms it herself she has had as many pregnancys according to mags as jennifer aniston,im pretty sure they will declare it themselves when they are ready as they have both been trying for so long when it happens they wont be able to not spill it until then i say let her be she may just be carrying extra weight and how horrid to have to read all the time you are pregnant no wonder hollywoods anorexic,if you have weight or eat carbs you are pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she isn’t drinking because she is ‘trying’ to get pregnant.

  • Ondine

    Her bra doesn’t fit and she’s tripping over her skirt. Let’s hope someone else dresses the baby, if indeed there is a baby.

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