Sarah Jessica Parker & Tabitha: Strollin’ In The Upper West Side

Sarah Jessica Parker and Tabitha were seen walking to an office on the Upper West Side of New York City on Tuesday (September 27). The adorable tot wore a flower in her hair while carrying a little handbag and drawing.

The I Don’t Know How She Does It star recently told British talk show host Jonathan Ross how different her twin toddlers Tabitha and Loretta are.

She explained, “‘They are spiritually, politically, physically, emotionally, ideologically… they are very, very, very different in every day. I mean they don’t even looked related. When we go outside, people think they are children that have made a play-date.”

She also said that Tabitha looks more like her while Loretta looks more like her husband Matthew Broderick.

One is very olive in complexion like me and one is very see-through translucent like husband. One has sweet little hooded Broderick eyes blue and one has big, like animated character, big brown eyes.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Krista

    their 3 kids are all adorable! I personally think the one pictured above (Tabitha) looks more like her daddy and the other twin looks more like her mommy, they are such a cute family =)

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with you! Cute, happy kids for sure :)))

  • Anonymous

    Tabitha looks NOTHING like her. She looks exactly like Matthew. How can she not see that?????

  • Anonymous

    I think SJP wants to believe that Tabitha looks like her, as she is definitely the much cuter one out of the twins, but agree with others that Tabitha resembles Matthew alot more.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why you said T is he cutest of the twins…above all this is not a contest and this little girl i surely not cuter of L with this huge head!
      I find weird she alwais is with T, also with the nannies she never holds L

  • Lynx612

    Totally ADORABLE!!!!

  • Ondine

    Let’s hope neither of these girls grows up to look like their mother.

    • Janna

      So true! All that matters is that women meet someone else’s idea of physical perfection.

      • Smart? Who cares!
      • Keep yourself in great shape? Whatever!
      • Philanthropic? So what!
      • Giving? Polite? Genuine? Doesn’t matter!!

      Without a face that America’s deem perfect, none of that matters anyway.


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