Tori Spelling’s Stella Kisses Mommy’s BIG Baby Belly!

Tori Spelling is expecting her third baby in less than a month and the whole family – including 4-year-old son Liam and 3-year-old daughter Stella – are super excited about it!

In a photo posted to the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star’s Twitter, Tori is flanked by her kids with Stella holding and kissing Tori’s sizable belly with the message “baby #3″ painted on her baby bump.

Taking to twitter quite often, Tori also tweeted recently of her sizable cargo: “Went2 my OBGYN the fab Dr. Jason Rothbart &baby is already 5 lbs.7 oz.! I have a month left. OMG! Liam+Stella were both 6pounders!”

The actress and author has not revealed the gender of their (big!) baby as she and husband Dean McDermott are looking to be surprised this time around.

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Photo credit: Tori Spelling's Twitter

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  • Taylor

    Someday these kids are going to write a tell – all book about how tired they were of mugging for the cameras all of the time! Clearly, Tori wanted to be raised with a camera in her face documenting every little thing she did. instead, her parents protected her privacy, and Tori is SO resentful of them for it. Tori’s kids are going to have way more dirt on her “behind the scenes” than Tori ever had on her parents! Pay back is a b***ch

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