Kevin Federline & Victoria Prince Introduce Jordan Kay

Meet Jordan Kay!

Former backup dancer and rapper Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince posed for pics with their sweet 6-week-old daughter at the beach in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The proud new parents cuddled with their newborn girl before taking a stroll along the shoreline to watch the sun set.

Federline’s other four children – sons Jayden, 5, and Preston, 6, with ex-wife Britney Spears, and son Kaleb, 6, and daughter Kori, 8, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson – were not spotted with the trio.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Sam

    She is cute and I love all of her hair, but where is her head support in that stroller?

  2. Dana

    She is sweet…love all the hair. I can’t believe how K Fed has let himself go. It’s a shame.

  3. Anonymous

    wow, that’s one full head of hair! 🙂 really cute girl but I really don’t like how “staged” these pictures feel :/

  4. Anonymous

    I still don’t understand how those two dare to even agree to do photo ops! That girl left her job the moment she met him and he….well no need to explain. No ego, no pride.
    Well, all babies bring joy and blablabla but k-fed and his girlfriend disgut me.

  5. Anonymous

    So we have now a Kay-Fed!
    I’m gonna state the obvious but I don’t see the appeal those women find in Kevin, and i’m not even talking about his weight!

  6. musiclover

    Not a fan of his, but that is a seriously cute baby =) I love all her hair…my little guy was a baldy, lol.

  7. Fed Up With KFed

    So, did Britney Spears foot the bill for the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara (where they stayed for three days at a minimum of $500 a night) and the shopping spree? I feel sorry for Britney who has to work her bum off to support losers like this in a lifestyle they don’t deserve…

  8. Anonymous

    She must have really low self-esteem to be with him.
    Cute baby though, I’ve always wanted a baby with a full head of hair, my kids were three before they had that much hair.

  9. Anonymous

    It looks like they posed for paps to “introduce” their baby. They couldn’t even get a deal with OK magazine or something??

  10. Anonymous

    It looks like they posed for paps to “introduce” their baby. They couldn’t even get a deal with OK magazine or something??

  11. Anonymous

    Kay hair so gorgeous and have mini kevin fed.

  12. Anonymous

    Baby looks so big. Has 6 week? Iike 6 mounth

  13. ER

    F.Y.I. Britney and Kevin’s 1st son is Sean, not Preston that’s his middle name.

    Wow! 5 kids under 8 with 3 “baby mothers”. He’s still isn’t as bad as Lil Wayne, in my opinion.

    Victoria must REALLY BE IN LOVE with Kevin.

    Kevin looks pregnant.

  14. Anonymous

    So much hair. What this baby

  15. Anonymous

    Wow, Kevin Federline gained a lot of weight LOL

  16. Anonymous

    @ER – she doesn’t love Kevin. What she does love is – Britney’s money. Because they’re all living off of it. This fat slob doesn’t work. She doesn’t work. How do you think they support themselves? Also, I think it’s time that he gets the big “V”. There is no need to keep knocking up every girl he dates. Enough is enough.

  17. Anonymous

    Why would he get a deal with magazines like Ok if he already has one with GSI Media papz? Just look at the photo-ops he stags with Preston and Jayden, disgusting.
    Poor little baby tho didnt ask to be born and have such losers as parents. And poor Britney too having to feed another mouth that its not even hers. But thats the high price she’s paying for her worst mistake called Kevin Federline.

  18. Anonymous

    He looks like he’s the one who just gave birth! At least he makes cute kids.

  19. AM

    It’s obvious that Britney’s money is being used to support ALL his 5 kids, he needs to get a job and a vasectomey!! What kind of example is he setting his children by not working – he’s only famous because he married Brit!

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