Tori Spelling: Pretty & Pregnant

A very pregnant Tori Spelling took a little walk with her hubby Dean McDermott in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (September 27). The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum was glowing in her black dress as the cute couple playfully waved to the paparazzi.

The beautiful mom-of-two – who is due with her third baby this month- happily tweeted today about how she is getting her son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 3, excited about their sibling:

Took kids to my ultrasound today. So cute! They got to see baby and they loved hearing the heartbeat. #FamilyExcitement

Tori recently opened up to Parenting magazine about motherhood, from her own worries and fears to her very hands-on approach – and explains why she longs for the days of dirty diapers!

I’m scared of screwing up my kids. You want your kids to be the best kids they can be, and you try to give them all the support, love, education, and information they need, so they’re prepared when they go out into the world. I thought that once we were out of the baby stage, parenting would be a breeze. But it’s an even bigger challenge now that Liam and Stella are older. They understand things. You just feel at every turn like, whoa, am I making the right decisions, setting the right boundaries?”

Looking forward to the family’s baby debut!

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Can’t stand these two. They both sold their souls to the devil. Sounds harsh sorry but who gets to do a Wedding Show and make tons of $ and they are the worst example of individuals I would use to host a wedding show–they are cheaters. What are they famous for; pimping out the kids and being reality stars. Sorry they have no values/morals and what will they tell their kids later in life about their worldwind romance-ha!


She looks better with no makeup than she does with her usual cake face. Red lipstick is not her friend!


I love these two, they are trying to make it in a world that is hard to make it in. They try to be good parents and show their kids the right way to be. If you don’t like them then don’t watch, I have watched her since her 90210 days.


Tori and Dean are hardly setting a good example to their children. They are adulterers for one, two, they exploit their children, three, their children are being raised to believe that every LITTLE thing they do is worthy of media attention, four, they have bad manners as exhibited by Liam’s Potty mouth and five, their kids know way to much about sex and body parts for their age which has been revealed by Tori herself in some of her tweets! Someday, they will reap what they have sown!!