Cash Warren Wants A Tattoo Of Daughters’ Names

Cash Warren is a devoted dad to his two daughters – three-year-old Honor and newborn Haven – with wife Jessica Alba. Now, as a permanent show of affection, the producer is considering getting inked with his kids’ names.

“I do have a few tattoos and Jessica has a couple and I’ve often thought of doing something new and I think that’s a sweet gesture and the love is forever,” he said.

And Jessica isn’t ruling out getting a similar tattoo for herself. “If I feel moved to I will. I’m not opposed to tattoos and that’s not one you’d ever regret, that’s for sure,” she said.

Cash and Jessica wouldn’t be the first celebs with the idea – others who have gotten inked in tribute to their kids include Angelina Jolie, who has a tattoo of all of the co-ordinates of where her six children were born, and David Beckham, who has a design honoring his three sons as well as one for new daughter Harper Seven.

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  1. Sabine

    Wow! What a unique thing to do. Surely Cash will be the only person he knows who has done such a thing. it’ll definatly go a long way in proving to himself and others, just how much he loves his daughters. With out the tattoo’s, no one would ever guess. ;>)

  2. Get With It

    Cute Cute and love seeing this family! Cash and Jessica are answering questions and the writer of this article is reporting! Sabine does not get it! LOL. Blogs need any material they can get!

  3. Anonymous

    Assuming they let her get gressed herself this morning..different color flip flops and that outfit screams “I Am A BIG SISTER!!!” LOL!

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