Farrah Abraham & Sophia: Frolicking In Florida

Teen Mom starlet Farrah Abraham hit the beach in Florida on Wednesday (September 28) with her adorable 2-year-old daughter Sophia and her father Michael Abraham. The teen actress – who looked great bearing her bikini body – happily frolicked with her darling daughter while the MTV crews didn’t miss a beat capturing the moments for the much anticipated 4th season of Teen Mom.

The same day, sweet Sophia took a horse riding lesson with her grandfather. Sophia – who has been residing with Michael and his ex-wife in Iowa while Farrah attends school in Fort Lauderdale – looked unsure of her hairy friend!

On the final episode of Teen Mom, Farrah broke down in front of the cameras, sobbing, “I would never leave [my daughter],” as she wrestled with the decision to leave little Sophia with her grandmother Debra Danielson in Iowa while she attends school in Florida. However, her sentiment seems to have changed recently.

During the finale reunion special with Dr. Drew Pinsky, which aired on Tuesday (September 27), the 20-year-old mom changed her mind again and told her mom that Sophia will be coming to Florida to live with her on a part time basis.

“Sophia won’t be staying with you entirely,” Farrah reveals in a clip from the reunion show obtained by US Weekly magazine. “That means she’ll probably only stay with you when I move and only visit when I need to focus on school — so probably not as much as you planned.”

Her mother, clearly stunned by this news, tries to appeal to Farrah and discusses the benefits of leaving her granddaughter in caring, capable hands.

But Farrah seems undeterred from her plans and vows to keep considering her options “until I move.”

“Farrah needs to take Sophia down there and experience this, and maybe she’ll understand why I’m offering this help to her,” Danielson explains to Dr. Drew Pinsky. “Do you know how expensive it is for full-time childcare when you’re trying to go to school? She’s moving to an area where the cost of living is much higher than where we live.”

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  • Anonymous

    Sophia is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Basically Sophia will be with Farrah for taping of Teen Mom and while she isn’t taping she’ll be with her grandparents. Obviously she needs the kid to stay on the show and to continue making money. Farrah seems like a good mom generally speaking…but what she is doing is quite obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Sophia is adorable!

  • Nina D.

    Farrah and Sophia are both beautiful. My cousin Devin looks a lot like Farrah. <3

  • noneedtoknow

    WOW !! Great body .. You would never guess she has a kid..

  • E R

    Sophia looks so much like her dad, Derek (RIP), but she does resemble Farrah, too.

  • Anonymous

    she gained weight. not cute anymore

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