Update: Mike Myers Welcomes First Child: Spike

Update: Groovy, baby! Us Weekly confirms that Mike Myers, 47, and wife Kelly Tisdale welcomed a son named Spike. “He is healthy and his parents are ecstatic,” Myers’ rep told the magazine.

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Mike Myers has a mini-me!

The Austin Powers star and wife Kelly Tisdale have welcomed a son named Spike, Life & Style reports.

“The baby is named Spike and was born two weeks ago!” a source tells the magazine.

Baby Spike is the first child for the couple, who started dating in 2006 and were wed in a secret ceremony in New York last fall.

Myers has signed on to reprise his famous role as the International Man of Mystery in Austin Powers 4. “Things are on track,” the new dad said about the latest edition of the franchise.

Congratulations to the Tisdale-Myers family!

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  • Anonymous

    Spike…and Mike? Like the “Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation” film series? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Wow, horrible name. Spike, really?
    Reminds me of that dinosaur on Land Before Time..

  • Anonymous

    Groovy, baby!!

  • klutzy_girl

    Well, all I can see is Buffy. Really, Mike? I don’t like the name, especially if I’m going to be a reminded of a vampire (one I love, but still) every time I hear it.

  • Courtney

    Um it’s their child their choice and besides Mike is part irish and Spike is a Typical irish name stop making a big deal out of it

    • Anonymous

      Where in Ireland is “Spike” a typical Irish first name? Just curious.

  • lol

    Spike Myers…alrighty then.

  • Felicity

    After the British comedian Spike Milligan perhaps?

  • LeeLee

    That’s the name of my cousin’s dog. Not feeling it for a baby. Congrats though. To each his own.

  • Victoria


  • Ondine

    I feel sorry for his first wife.

  • Anonymous

    My child is named Spike, and every kid loves the name. They (girls included) say that they wish they were named Spike and that they think it is the greatest name. It’s weird how all the kids gravitate towards him, and how jealous they are that they weren’t named Spike. In a way it makes me wish I was named Spike.

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