Submit Your Questions For Guest Blogger Sarah Drew!

Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she experiences her first pregnancy.

The mom-to-be is jumping on board as guest blogger and welcoming questions from our readers.

Please submit your pregnancy-related questions for Sarah in the comments below.

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  1. Anonymous

    What do you prefer girl or boy?

  2. Anonymous

    What style of name are you think of?

    Classic, cool… celeb crazy lol

  3. Mi's mom

    What baby item were/are you most excited to get? Mine was believe it or not…a diaper bag. Its the most important thing to have imo; a perfectly and full stocked diaper bag.

  4. kayla

    will your character on greys anatomy also turn out to be pregnant

  5. Anonymous

    Is your pregnancy going to be written in to grey’s?

  6. Anonymous

    also would love to know what type of names you are thinking! 🙂 names are such a big thing now!

  7. Anonymous

    What has been the most surprising part of pregnancy?

  8. sue

    What a beautiful gift ” a baby”!! I too went through a lot of changes when pregnant with my first……….I had been a way from church for a while, and got back to my faith. I felt that everything I did needed to be more purposeful. I needed to be a better person, so I could be the best for my child……….Pregnancy allows us to grow into mother’s……….I am so happy for you!

  9. Anonymous

    Have you had any crazy or unordinary food cravings that you didn’t expect to have?

  10. Anonymous

    what style of birth will you do water birth

  11. Yasmin

    With all the pregnancy, does your families visit you to see how you are doing? Or do they always visit you?

  12. Anonymous

    What led you to choose a surprise birth?

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