Melanie Chisholm Talks Music & Motherhood

Her new album, The Sea, marks former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm‘s (aka Sporty Spice) return to music following the birth of her daughter Scarlet in 2009.

“After Scarlet was born, I didn’t know how I’d feel about making music again,” Melanie tells the Daily Mail. “When I was working in the theatre, I could see her during the day. But, after three months in the West End, I really missed music. I wanted to be myself again.”

Though her daughter arrived in the midst of a Spice Girl baby boom – Victoria Beckham now has 4 kids, Melanie Brown is mom to 3, Geri Halliwell has daughter Bluebell and Emma Bunton recently welcomed her second son – Mel C says that her decision to become a mom wasn’t influenced by the other girls in the group.

“People think I became broody because the other Spice Girls were all having babies, but that wasn’t it,” she insists. ‘I’d always wanted to be a mum. My body clock was ticking, so I had to get on with it.”

So might there be another reunion in the works for the girl power group?

“Our last tour was amazing,” she gushes. “It rekindled old friendships and made me appreciate the other girls again. The Olympics would be brilliant, but I don’t know the truth. I’d love to do something, but it would have to involve all five of us.”

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  1. Giuliana da Matta

    Scarlet is such a cute girl! 🙂 Nice to see a pic of her with Melanie! 🙂

  2. Olivia

    i am a huge fan of mel!!!!!

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