Heidi Klum’s Advice To New Moms

With four young kids at home, model mom Heidi Klum knows a thing or two about parenting – and she’s sharing her hard-earned wisdom with all of the new mothers out there.

“[My guidance for new mothers is] to take all of the advice with a pinch of salt because everyone sort of gives you advice when you are pregnant,” the Project Runway host tells OK! “Everyone sort of has something to say and ultimately, you just find your own way and you have so much time to figure it out.”

It may feel as though you need to be an expert from Day 1, but Heidi says there’s no rush.

“It’s not like all of a sudden they are born and they are full on, they are not. They sleep most of the time so you can gradually learn with your child,” she explains. “It’s not like you buy a car and it’s like whoa, it’s driving, crashing into something right away, needs gas or I don’t know. Like a baby, it all happens very slowly in a way. They eat and they poop.”

Heidi and her husband of 6 years Seal are parents to kids Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou.

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