Jay-Z Thinking Of Moving The Family To Brooklyn

Jay-Z says he’s “excited” to be a dad. While hosting The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation in New York City Thursday night he commented on Beyoncé’s pregnancy exclaiming, “I’m excited! I think that is pretty easy.”

The music mogul also said he was thinking of moving the family to Brooklyn.

He said, “I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high. It’s not like before!”

As for his charity, he just wants to help kids afford to go to college.

If you want to be lazy, that’s a different thing. But if you apply yourself and do everything that you have to do to get to a certain point and can’t go further because of your financial situation, I think that is a shame.”

When asked if the baby would take after his parents and eventually rule the world, Jay-Z replied, “Don’t put that kind of pressure on it!”

He playfully addressed his unborn child. “Sorry, Junior, I already ruined you.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • SiervaMaria

    I like Jay-Z but don’t get the Brooklyn’s to expensive comment. If reports of serious big money gifts such as a $1mil RR for his wife, or a $900k custom one of a kind wrist watch for himself are true, I’d have to wonder what does he consider to pricey where a home for his family is concerned. That said, it’s his money, he earned it and can spend or not spend it how he wishes.


    he was joking!

  • Lioness

    I would consider moving my family there too- Brooklyn is awesome!! Anyway, good luck to them.

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