Samantha Harris & Daughters Cover BC Magazine

Samantha Harris and her gorgeous girls Josselyn Sydney, 4, and Hillary Madison, 8 months, cover this month’s 5th anniversary issue of BC magazine.

It sounds like little Josselyn may have had a hand in choosing her cute outfit for the shoot – her mom says that her pretty preschooler loves to put together her own creative looks.

“I used to pick them out on a daily basis and then she decided very quickly and early on that she wanted to have a say,” says Samantha, who notes that most of the girls’ clothes are hand-me-downs from her sister’s kids. “So even though I would lay out two options, she would maybe say neither, and then go into her closet…. Whether or not they’re as coordinated as I would like them to be, I have sort of taken a breath and allowed myself to let her be creative in her ensemble. I do try to suggest matching colors, I try to get her to at least associate. She does understand the word ‘matching,’ she understood that probably at 2½.”

She may be only 4 years old, but Josselyn is already a pro when it comes to life on the set, thanks to her busy working mama.

“When I hosted Dancing with the Stars, she was on the set while we were shooting or doing rehearsals, and that’s every little girls’ dream to watch all those costumes and dances,” Samantha reveals. “She comes to Entertainment Tonight with me, she sits in the voiceover booth with me. She puts the headphones on and does her own voiceovers after I’m done with mine.”

So might she follow in her mom’s famous footsteps? Actually, it sounds like Josselyn has other goals in mind.

“Just within the last few months, as she discovers that there are different things that one can do as a grown-up, she has told me that she wanted to be a doctor so she can help people and [told] Hillary to be an artist.”

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Photo credit: BC Magazine

  • Emily

    stunning little girls!

  • Heart

    Beauiful younger sister

  • Sophia

    Gorgeous girls! Josselyn reminds me of Cindy Lou Who, only with dark hair.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm… the girls are 4 and 8? Am I missing something?? Looks like a preschooler and a baby. Not a preschooler and a elementary school child.

    • Emily

      it says 8 MONTHS.

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