Marcia Cross & Daughters: Afternoon In Brentwood

Marcia Cross and her adorable 4-year-old twin daughters Eden and Savannah were spotted as they were running errands in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (October 1).

Savannah donned a ballet ensemble just for their outing!

The actress, whose series Desperate Housewives is about to come to an end, recently talked about here real-life role as a mom of two. “I’m crazy about them,” she says of her daughters, “I’m exhausted, challenged, but happy.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Bella

    It’s actually Eden wearing the ballerina outfit 🙂

  • Stacey

    It is actually Eden who is in the ballet outfit.

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s Eden in the ballet outfit.

  • Embee

    Eden is in the tutu.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think that is Eden in the tu tu. Savannah is the tomboy. I like how Marcia lets her girls express their differences. Remeber seeing Savannah dressed on boy swim trunks a couple of months ago. Lucky for Marcia, her child isn’t getting the unfair criticisms Shiloh Jolie-pitt has to endure. I was a tomboy myself til i was 11, wore my brother’s hand me downs. Ironically I am the mother of a very girly girl. We should all cherish our children’s uniqueness.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that Eden in the ballet outfit?

  • Anonymous

    As everyone else already said, it’s Eden in the ballet outfit. I loved it when she would wear nothing but navy blue XD

    • Sophia

      That was Savannah and as you can see she’s still doing it.

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